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  1. Strobe INON D-2000 Type IV, as new, with original box, optical fibre connection, and Sea&Sea arm. All the items are in very good condition, being underwater less than 25 dives. For pictures write me at edoardo.casoli@gmail.com Asking 420 € Ed.
  2. Hi, do you sell ports separately from housing? Thank you Cheers Ed.
  3. Good morning, I'm looking for ports. Are one of the dome or macro port still available? wrote me in pm at edoardo.casoli@uniroma1.it Thank you Ed.
  4. Hi Hanz, do you sell ports separately?? Thank you Cheers Ed.
  5. Good morning Kingpenguin, has been the dome sold? Thank you. Ed.
  6. Hi shjeong, do you sell items separately? I'm very interested to both dome and macro port.. thank you Ed.
  7. Hi Manis, may you provide other pictures of the items? May you send it as pm (edoardo.casoli@gmail.com)? I'm very interested.. Thank you. Ed.
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