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  1. I think the problem maybe with the camera's viewfinder magnification. I have used my 45° viewfinder with three different cameras in Nauticam housings, Canon 7Dm MkII, Canon 5D MkIII and Sony A7RIV. There was no problem with seeing the full viewfinder with the two Canons which have viewfinder magnifications of 0.63 ( 7Dm MkII) and 0.71X (5D MkIII) but with the A7RIV which has a viewfinder magnification 0.78X and is therefore much bigger than either of the Canons, I can't quite see all the viewfinder. There is a limit on how big the field of view is on 45°, the bigger viewfinder on the camera becomes there is a point where it will no longer fit the field of view of the 45° viewfinder. Personally, I prefer having a large view of the viewfinder with a little bit missing in the corners than a full view of a much smaller viewfinder in the camera.
  2. The belt is a velcro strap with several segments slid onto it. You can move the segments around or add/remove them to fine tune buoyancy. Here's a couple of photos, the first shows the belt on one of my old Subal Type 3 extension rings (approx 115mm in diameter). You could make the gap larger by removing a segment or two.
  3. I'm using a Canon 8-15 fisheye on a Metabones adapter with my A7Riv and am very happy with the results. Looking at the Nauticam port chart for the Sony A series cameras the Sigma 15mm fisheye (Canon EF mount version) on a Metabones adpater is also an option: https://drive.google.com/file/d/19EjK3kbnhmJQU1pdDKr6XE6Lk3ykZpIT/view
  4. As new condition, no scratches or marks. Almost double the magnification of the SMC-1, capable of up to 4X magnification when used with a 100 macro lens. US$650. Item is located in Western Australia.
  5. I use a Carbonarm Quick Release arm for the strobe I use with my LSD for a couple of years now and it works great. Lets me release/attach the strobe without having to play with the clamp. I have never had a problem with the strobe coming off of its own accord and use this arm on every dive whether I'm snooting or not: https://www.carbonarm.com/en/quick-release/48-arm-with-quick-release-24cm-0806808286321.html
  6. I used a glass scratch repair kit to remove hardwater and calcium stains from some of my ports and wet lenses. I even managed to remove a couple of scratches from my Zen 4" mini dome port with it. This is the kit: https://www.glasspolish.com.au/products/glass-scratch-repair-kit-diy-gpwiz Forget about using it with the pads in an electric drill, I just used the microfibre cloth and some elbow grease to do the job. As everyone else has said DON'T USE ON COATED SURFACES!
  7. That's correct, you would not need the Nauticam to Subal Type 3 converter and cost for dome port and extension ring would be US$355. Price includes hard and soft dome covers and rear cover. The extension ring is needed for use with the Tokina 10-17 fisheye. Standard airmail delivery by Auspost with tracking and 5 business day delivery (estimated) would be US$40 The dome is in good condition, no damage or scratches. If you plan on using the 10-17 on a Kenko 1.4X teleconverter you will need a 33mm extension ring. I have one available that you can have for the same price as the 15mm extension ring, US$50.
  8. Extension Ring and Nauticam Subal Adpater are sold: 18mm extension ring AUD$75 (USD$50) Nauticam to Subal Type 3 converter AUD$150 (USD$105) Dome port AUD$720 (USD$510) still available.
  9. Stix floats for UCLS arms work fine on 3/4 inch Locline:
  10. Gudge

    Inon Z240 Strobes

    Somewhere between AUD$50 (USD$35) and AUD$100 (USD$70), won't know for sure until it's packed and ready to go.
  11. Zen 4 inch optical glass mini dome port (Subal Type 3 mount) with Nauticam to Subal Type 3 mount converter and Subal 15mm extension ring for use with Tokina 10-17 fisheye lens. Price AUD$650 (USD$460) Happy to sell items separately: Dome port AUD$425 (USD$305) 15mm extension ring AUD$75 (USD$50) Nauticam to Subal Type 3 converter AUD$150 (USD$105) Items located in Perth, Western Australia. Buyer pays shipping. Attached Images
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