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  1. PWC-01 wide angle wet lens attachment, with a thread diameter of 67 mm $50 PCU-01 close-up wet lens attachment, with a thread diameter of 67 mm, includes attachments for 48, 46, and 40.7 -->67 mm $50
  2. Ikelite dual sync cord $50 Nikonos to Ikelite Almost new, gently used
  3. karant

    FS: SOLA 800

    1 is SOLD 1 is available $100.
  4. karant

    FS: SOLA 800

    2 SOLA 800 $100/each
  5. Ikelite DS200. $200 Ikelite DS200. $200 Ikelite DS125 with extra battery. $125. SOLD Ikelite EV Controller x3. $75/each Ikelite 3 foot extension cord x2 NEW. $50/each. 1 available Ikelite gently used sync cord, Ikelite to Nikonas bulkhead. x3 $25/each
  6. Upgraded to D500 and selling D7000. $2000 for package which includes: Aquatica housing with Backscatter vacuum sealer, leak detector, and 2 Nikonos bulkheads 2 - D7000 camera bodies. One is essentially new, the other used for underwater photography Aquatica Macro port with cover Nikon 60mm lens Xit404 diopter single mount kit for macro port
  7. I found these in my gear box that are like new. I used the wide angle lens for 1 or 2 trips with Olumpus C5050, but did not use the macro before I discovered the world of SLR photography. PWC-01 wide angle lens $250 PCU-01 macro lens $50
  8. "used". I am now using the Aquatica 45 degree view finder.
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