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  1. PWC-01 wide angle wet lens attachment, with a thread diameter of 67 mm $50 PCU-01 close-up wet lens attachment, with a thread diameter of 67 mm, includes attachments for 48, 46, and 40.7 -->67 mm $50
  2. Ikelite dual sync cord $50 Nikonos to Ikelite Almost new, gently used
  3. karant

    FS: SOLA 800

    1 is SOLD 1 is available $100.
  4. karant

    FS: SOLA 800

    2 SOLA 800 $100/each
  5. Ikelite DS200. $200 Ikelite DS200. $200 Ikelite DS125 with extra battery. $125. SOLD Ikelite EV Controller x3. $75/each Ikelite 3 foot extension cord x2 NEW. $50/each. 1 available Ikelite gently used sync cord, Ikelite to Nikonas bulkhead. x3 $25/each
  6. Upgraded to D500 and selling D7000. $2000 for package which includes: Aquatica housing with Backscatter vacuum sealer, leak detector, and 2 Nikonos bulkheads 2 - D7000 camera bodies. One is essentially new, the other used for underwater photography Aquatica Macro port with cover Nikon 60mm lens Xit404 diopter single mount kit for macro port
  7. I found these in my gear box that are like new. I used the wide angle lens for 1 or 2 trips with Olumpus C5050, but did not use the macro before I discovered the world of SLR photography. PWC-01 wide angle lens $250 PCU-01 macro lens $50
  8. "used". I am now using the Aquatica 45 degree view finder.
  9. Aquatica Aqua View Finder for sale $750
  10. Whale sharks and cenotes......a dream vacation! Ya'll have fun:)
  11. I ordered one from my local uw photo shop, Optical Ocean Sales, they also ship online. www.opticaloceansales.com I had been asking for the viewfinder since it was previewed at DEMA and it shipped to me in late Feb. Kathryn
  12. LOVE IT! I have logged about 75 dives with the D7000 Kathryn
  13. Whale sharks in Dec Ice diving in Feb Cave diving in April This year will be busy with wide angle fun! www.dreamsofblue.com
  14. I just placed my order with the local dealer. Early Christmas present, maybe ? Looking forward to my newest addition to my D7000 set-up. Thanks! Aquatica! Kathryn Arant www.dreamsofblue.com
  15. I love my new Aquatica D7000! Thanks to Backscatter and Aquatica for getting me set up for a trip of a lifetime in Indonesia. It has been a seamless transition from the using the D200. I really like the lighter weight of the housing, and love the option for fiber optic connections for my strobes, 4 less o-rings to clean/lube Thanks, Kathryn dreamsofblue.com
  16. I have Inon Z240's and Ikelite DS-125's. I have used all of these previously with D200/Aquatica setup. For my new D7000 housing they have installed one bulkhead for fiber optics which works nicely with the Inons. There is also one electrical which does not work with the Inon or Ikelite strobes.
  17. I have a brand new Nikon D7000 and Aquatica housing. I am having difficutly getting my strobes to fire manually. I followed the Aquatica instructions to be sure the switches in the housing bulkhead are in the off position. I set the camera flash to manual. What am I missing here? This new camera has a few more options than my previous D200, so I am wondering if there are more menu options for flash that will allow camera/housing to communicate. Thanks, Kathryn
  18. I have been looking for the cover for my flat port ? Kathryn
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