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  1. I have used the Ikelite DS200 with the EV controller 4100.6. I add an Ikelite 3 foot extension cord 4102.03 so the strobe can be mounted on the tanks and the controller is hand held by the diver to be sure it is pointing to the camera for the slave activation. There is also a 15 foot extension 4102.15 if you need the extra length. Not sure if the controller works with other manufacturers strobes. It has a switch to set for the model of Ikelite strobe you are using. I am also using double Ikelite DS125s on my camera. It is amazing how much light the caves with absorb, so your will need lots and lots of bright light for the darker caves. I have used this setup in Florida and Mexico. Kathryn
  2. Has anybody had experience with the battery door becoming loose on their Nikon? I have one that will stay almost closed, but shifts just millimeters and indicates low battery status. When pressing the door, the battery is full, but it is difficult to access this when enlosed in the housing at 100 ft. Is this repairable? Thanks!
  3. Merry Christmas to the awesome guys at Aquatica. Thanks for your support over the past years, and for the many years ahead Kathryn
  4. We see these quite frequently in Puget Sound, Seattle area. Just follow the trail of empty crab shells, and you can find them hiding in their dens, quite messy housekeepers. Occasionally you can find them out and about hunting for their next meal. My most unique encounter was watch an angry cat impression. I was a little too close with my camera, and possibly interupting a mating session. The GPO turned upside down and showed me a mountian of suckers and lots of backscatter for my pictures. It is not unusual to see a female with her eggs. We have frequently observed this process and unfornately will find the female expired as the eggs begin to hatch. Kinda sad, but that is nature. Another reason to dive cold water........... Kathryn .
  5. I used to use the Diving Concepts ring system for drygloves, what a PITA to install....only completed after the proper combination of swear words to get the rings to cooperate, resulting in sore fingers for days. I have just installed the DUI SI-Tech system, and give them two thumbs up, especially for ease of installation. I am still trying to figure out the best liners for my tiny paws. On a side note, I attempted 5mm wetgloves before I installed the SI-Tech rings on my new latex wrist seals, what a disaster! My fingers were numb for hours after the dive, which is the reason I started wearing drygloves years ago when I started cold water diving. Also, I had zero control over my camera, Nikon D200 with Aquatica housing and Ikelite DS-125 strobes. The water temp is at 45 degrees in Puget Sound, and probably even colder in Alaska. Good Luck, Kathryn
  6. Fergus , Thanks for sharing The shark encounter was magical. Very appropriate to have all the footage of the shark, because she swam with the group for a very long time, it was almost like she was hypnotized by the flash of the strobes. Or maybe she just liked seeing her reflection in all the dome ports Kathryn
  7. My story is that combination of a passion for scubadiving, and then the photography is just icing on the cake. I took that perfect turtle photo against the blue water with an Olympus point and shoot which has been the desktop background on my computer since 2005. Since I upgraded to DSLR last year, I have had 4 trips to Grand Cayman and 114 dives, not to mention the weekly cold water dives here in the Pacific Northwest. I am now working on dive training for tech 1. We have been diving double tanks, and just added deco bottles. I can't wait to add my 23 pounds of camera/housing/ strobes to that set-up, my buddies will be convinced that I am truly crazy
  8. Just a quick vis report. The visibility has been spectacular in Puget Sound these past few weeks. We were diving Day Island Wall in Tacoma yesterday and saw 2 GPO's and 4 wolf eels--2 came out to play/swim with us. Last weekend at Alki in Seattle, we were at 110' and I swear we could see the surface; I was diving 30/30, so I was NOT narc'd The spring bloom has moved on. We have had some rather large exchanges which has removed all the "muck" from our local dive sites. August 17/18 should be awesome diving Kathryn
  9. If possible, can you sign me up for one day, Monday. The South Sound in the Tacoma area has some awesome dive sites I already have a prior commitment for Sunday, I will be participating in the Danskin triathalon, trying to stay fit to carry around all this camera gear. But, I would love to meet you guys on Sunday evening. Kathryn
  10. Do you know a possible meet time and location for the Bandito Charter on Mon.
  11. http://www.naknekcharters.com/index.html This is the link for Bandito Charters in The San Juan Islands. I have not been on their boat in the San Juan's , yet. But, the boats in the South Sound are awesome. I believe they have taken over the dive shop in Friday Harbor, that is why the website for Island Dive & Water sports is down..... Hope this helps. Kathryn
  12. I use 8gb cards because they last about the same length of time as my battery (Nikon D200). So, I can change them at the same time. This usually lasts up to 4 dives, `400 images in RAW+jpeg. I do change lenses at times, but only have to open the front port on my Aquatica housing, the camera stays in place. Now if my strobe batteries (Ikelite DS-125's) could last the same amount of time, then my entire day could be dedicated to taking images and no camera changes Kathryn
  13. I have about 80 dives with my D200/Aquatica housing/dual Ikelite strobes. I absolutely love the set-up, and the results are far beyond what I dreamed. No issues whatsoever with dexterity, even with my blue smurf drygloves in the 46 degree waters of Puget Sound. My only, kinda not so good comment would be the weight of system on land. I use the ULCS bouyancy arms and only slightly negative for my underwater adventures Have fun, Kathryn I am 5'2'' and the distance from wrist to end of middle finger is 5 1/2"
  14. I am still new at the DSLR game. My current setup is the Nikon D200 with Aquatica housing. I have been using my 60 mm lens with the flat port. Is it ok to use this lens with the 8" dome port? Thanks for your input.
  15. Aquatica housing with Aquaviewfinder for my aging eyes. Nikon 60mm with flat port Tokina 10 17 mm fisheye with 8" dome port Ikelite DS-125 strobes with Ultralight buoyancy arms I have recently upgraded from the Olympus C-5050 with Olympus housing and Sea & Sea strobes. There are quite a few more o-rings to lube and seals to check with this new system. In addition, I am still learning the proper sequence for assembling all the gear. Last time, it took approx 50 minutes to attach all parts and perform a leak test before the dive. We are fortunate in the Pacific Northwest to have mutliple dive sites for shore diving just a 30 minute drive away. For weekday dives we usually go to Alki Secrest Park, Three Tree Point, or Redondo. For weekend dives, the more current sensitive sites are nice, Day Island Wall, Keystone Jetty, Edmonds Underwater Park, Octopus Hole, to name just a few. Then, there are several charters in the South Sound region, Hood Canal, and San Juan Islands. For a long weekend getaway, we venture into British Columbia for the fastatic sites off Vancouver Island. Hence, I have mutliple tanks, including a set of doubles filled at all times for those last minute dive opportunities. Yes, it is cold water, currently 54 degrees, and I own a drysuit with a warm comfy undergarment for those long photo sessions underwater. My new camera will be traveling to Grand Cayman is Sept, Oh and I get to dive, too. Looking forward to the blue water and using the wide angle lens.
  16. Just want to know how long you will let your camera system sit in the housing prior to a dive? I have a new Nikon D200 and eager to take photos. Typically, we dive after work on a weekday, so I do not have time to assemble the system prior to the dive. Would it be too much if I put everything together the night before, and the camera sat at my home until after work the next day, and gathered my gear on the way to the dive site? Any thoughts...... Thanks!
  17. I am thinking about upgrading my camera system. I currently use the Olympus C5050Z with PT-015 housing, and double Sea & Sea YS90AUTO strobes. The big delimma...what to upgrade to.... I have looked at Nikon and Canon for digital SLR. Does Olympus have a similar camera in this class. I am on somewhat of a budget, but willing to pay the price for the results. I usually do 2-4 dives a week in cold water with about 30-40 warm water dives on vacations. In other words, I dive ALOT and take ALOT of photos. I LOVE my current Olympus setup, and will definitely hold on to the system for a backup. I guess that is another reason to upgrade. I have flooded, once, operator error, ugh, but insured, whew! I know the C5050 is out of date, so would like to have a newer more updated system. Thanks Kathryn
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