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  1. Hi Daniel, yes it is possible with some modification. If a 3d printed gear wheel is put over the existing gear it will work. Of course it will not work as nice, as with the Nauti Focus Gear. I did this in the past, because the Nauti Focus Ring was out of stock and the only one available was the Sea&Sea. BR Simon
  2. Hi Nick, it has both. There is an adaptor from m52 to m67 included. BR Simon
  3. Used Tokina 10-17 for Nikon and a D&D Zoomring for Nauticam. Asking 300 Euro for both.
  4. Aah ok. So at the moment I am just thinking of getting the 8-15, maybe a 16-35 later. But for now a fisheye and the 105 totally works for me the D500 is really an awesome camera and I was really satisfied with it. But getting in to FX (mostly because of topside photography) was the right decision for me (due to selling the housing and the D500 there was no additional cost for the NA-D850) So it was more of a gearing down decision.
  5. Hi Adam, at the moment I am using the 105 for macro (additionally SMC-2 for supermacro) and the 16 fisheye, altough I will upgrade in the near future to the 8-15 because of the better mfd. Also tried the tokina 10-17 above 15mm, but the IQ gets a noticeable kick compared to the 16 fisheye. And what I read so far about the 8-15 the IQ is also noticeable better than the 16 fisheye. Do you have the 8-15?
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