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  1. price update 2700 Euro
  2. Not sure what you exactly mean. Its the N120 System. Is it that what you meant?
  3. Selling my Nauticam NA-D850 housing in good conditions (see pictures). Everything works perfectly. Just a few water stains and a few scratches. Housing will be sold without the extra ball heads and without the vacuum valve. Asking 2800 Euro
  4. price drop to 550 Euro.
  5. Used Nauticam SMC-2 with a few obligatory small scratches at the outer part (due to muck photography :)) asking 600 Euro
  6. Hi Daniel, yes it is possible with some modification. If a 3d printed gear wheel is put over the existing gear it will work. Of course it will not work as nice, as with the Nauti Focus Gear. I did this in the past, because the Nauti Focus Ring was out of stock and the only one available was the Sea&Sea. BR Simon
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