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  1. No camera in your price range is going to give you good enough quality for 8x10s. Also remember for digital photography you still have to develop your photos just like film. A used film camera would give you better quality for the amount you want to spend.
  2. What a P&S? I have never tryed to dive with a camera as I never have had one. How much resistance does it add?
  3. I forgot to mention that the lakes I dive in get dark rather fast.
  4. I have done film photography for a number of years with a rebel. I am know thinking of buying a 20D but I would like to do underwater photography of freshwater semi-professionaly. I will be freediving so I need something I can descent with and accent with easier but also use for scuba (past 120 feet) in a few years. What can people suggest for bodies, lighting etc. What kind of costs am I looking at?
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