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    Nikon D70s w/ 60mm, 10.5mm, 12-24mm, want 105mm
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  1. Are you selling the parts seperate? Also, what is the full model number of the dome port? Is it OPD-F170V? or OPD-F170?
  2. 1, 60mm port-------------------------------- USD$90 2, 105mm port ------------------------------ USD$90 3, 8†dome without shade (10.5, 12-24mm + zoom sleeve for 12-24 extension included) - USD$ 450 4, 6†dome for 10.5mm fisheye (small scratch marks)------------------------------------ USD$75 5, D70S housing with ULCS tray and handle ---------------------------- USD$850 6, DS-125 with diffuser (s/n 2619) inclueds ULCS ball attachment, i'll also throw in a 1-1 connector for free - USD$ 450 Paypal preferred If interested, please send email to tliupdt@yahoo.com, or PM me. Shipping paid by buyer from Taiwan, Usually takes 1 week to get anywhere in the world.
  3. Sorry, i couldn't post the pictures using the link, Here's a link to get to it. My Webpage
  4. I live in townsville QLD and i dove the Yongala wreck with some friends for 4 consecutive days last week. Enjoy and give comments. All shot with D70s in ikelite and 1 ds 125, 10.5mm 8 inch dome.
  5. Its wheeler reef off the coast of townsville in northern queensland. Fish, i don't know, i didn't see that many on the dives i did that day. Very dissappointing. Sorry about the first two , it worked for a while, if you would like, you can see it at http://tonyliuliu.blogspot.com cheers.
  6. I was using the 8 inch dome port and no i wasnt using a diopter. Alex, thanks for the tip. The pictures were taken with F22. So what could be the case? Maybe i should add a diopter and give that a try.
  7. This is the first time i used magic filter with the 12-24mm, no flash I normally use the 10.5 for most of my wideangle/fisheye shots, so i found that the 12-24 lens was quite a hard lens to use, i had some problems acheiving sharpness thorughout the whole picture. Maybe someone can help me with that. Any comments on the photos would be helpful.
  8. Here is a little something that you see in Taiwan's underwater world. Hope you enjoy it. I'm not sure how to link pictures from my site so i'm just trying one out. I'm attaching the rest. Comments suggestions welcome
  9. Thanks guys, i'll give the strap wrench a shot. It is a bit scary trying to get it off the first time.
  10. I just got the ikelite 8inch dome port. I bought the extension for the 10.5 fisheye and 12-24mm. However, i really have a hard time twisting the port extension off one to switch to the other. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there any other way to get it off easier? I guess it's also good to know that it's screwed on really tight to prevent leaking. Any ideas comments?
  11. It was only 2 hours off the coast of cairns and townsville. Norman and Wheeler Reef
  12. Here are just some picture from my recent liveaboards that i took back to back. Some great diving out there even though it's winter down here and i only had a 3mm. Feel free to comment The rest of my pictures are here http://tonyliuliu.blogspot.com
  13. For your information, that was done without me knowing. After the picture, i had asked him to put the sea cucumber back. Just thought that you should know the circumstances.
  14. I just got back from a 2 day 1 night liveaboard in Cairns, and having a day surface intervall then to another 3 day liveaboard. Here are some pictures from the first liveboard. Please comment. http://tonyliuliu.blogspot.com
  15. Here is the same turtle picture again, and i re-photoshoped again. I sort of like the faded color look to it. Yes, that is a guitarfish, he was about 9 feet long and when he swam by within arms reach, you could see he had large bite marks all over his gill area. Possibly another larger shark.
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