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    Olympus E-PL5
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    Olympus w/ Zen dome port for Lumix 7-14mm lens
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    Sea&Sea YS-01 (dual)
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    45mm Lumix macro lens w/ Zen port.
  1. I have posted a sample image of my 7-14 mm lens to my dropbox account. (Full frame JPG and the RAW file) There is also an "x-ray image" of your port setup, made by superposing a side view of the lens onto the side view of the port & housing. From that you can see that the pupil of the lens is located about 19mm in front of the center of the sphere. I wonder if that causes any noticeable color-fringing in the corners? See: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0dn33499p7oi4bm/AADbVKEgUTMK7oYhP_dwYXFDa?dl=0&s=so Would you be kind enough to upload an ORF file from your E-PL5 + Oly 8mm setup? It doesn't have to be a "winning image" just anything that is reasonably in focus and has some contrast in the corners so I can look for fringing. You can upload here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/sYfnzLcWro0mmSAMgvpC and it will end up in the folder with my 7-14mm sample. Thanks!
  2. Hi Albert, I'm currently shooting the same camera and housing as you have, but with the lumix 7-14mm wide-angle and Zen port. I'm not happy with the chromatic aberration and blurring I'm getting in the corners and am considering upgrading to the Oly 8mm and Zen ports you have. Are you happy with the image quality in the corners with this setup? Other than the $2000 price tag, can you think of any reasons why I might regret making that change from the Lumix 7-14?
  3. "Please make a post on the Wetpixel forum. The best place to do so is in the Member Introductions thread." I am only following orders....
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