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  1. Nikon D300 camera Two batteries (Nikon EN-EL3e), charger, manual, etc. AF-S DX Zoom-Nikkor 12-24mm f/4G IF-ED lens ​Anthis Nexus D300F-T2-M5 cast aluminium housing (rated to 75m depth) M5 port size (compatible with most lenses, inc. 60/105mm, 10.5mm, 12-24mm) Two fibre-optic strobe connector bulkheads (push-in type) Two 5-pin Nikonos-style strobe connector bulkheads (with hotshoe connector) Anthis wide-angle dome port (acrylic, with dome shade) Anthis 40mm port extension Anthis zoom gear for Nikkor 12-24mm lens Anthis grip extension (extends left handle to better control position; removable) Anthis ring nut tool (to remove/exchange viewfinder) Two dome covers (one tough rubberized, one soft neoprene) Spare o-rings (body/ports), silicon grease, hex keys Good condition, with minor marks/scratches Asking price: £1,750 (GBP). Shipping from United Kingdom (not included in price). If interested, also have the Nikkor 18-200mm VR2 zoom lens available for £340 (includes a Hoya Pro1 digital UV filter, all in excellent condition). Not for underwater use, but an excellent lens with this camera for top-side photography.
  2. My first attempt at housing the lens on Nauticam was with the Macro 60 port, and a 30mm & 70mm extensions. My choices were made to allow future flexibility for also housing Nikkor 60mm & 105mm VR lenses. However, this combination was very slightly too short when the lens was fully extended (max zoom, closest focus), so it needed an additional 10mm extension. Unfortunately this combination produces substantial vignetting across all focal lengths. My next attempt will reuse the old Nexus macro port configuration I have for this lens, and a Nauticam-Nexus M5 adapter. The advantage is that the macro port is much slimmer, and I already know it doesn't produce vignetting. Stan
  3. Yes, it's quite a front-heavy configuration, but I had the same when using just the Nexus and it was manageable underwater, if a little cumbersome. The optical benefits outweighed the inconvenience, and yes I do have a float-belt for it. Definitely a wrist challenge though, especially while waiting ages for that tiny critter to perform, and therefore a rig best used from clear sandy seabed, not while trying to hover over pristine reef.
  4. My planned solution (not got all the bits yet, but should work I believe): Anthis Nexus MP105-5 port (115mm length, 90mm front diameter, M5 housing mount) Anthis Nexus AE60-7 port extension (60mm) Nauticam-Nexus M5 port adapter Nauticam TN1017-Z+1.4 zoom gear That zoom gear it meant for another lens, but fits snugly over a grip rubber without the inner plastic part. If using the Anthis zoom gear (ZGP-N70/180) then you can also get the Nauticam-Nexus 80mm adapter to fit over it to fit the Nauticam gear.
  5. Ah, great to hear from someone else who has actually used this setup! I already have the zoom gear solved, and I'm running with auto-focus to simplify matters, as I don't have the manual focus Nexus port. Sorry to hear it was stolen; a fabulous lens that hasn't been equalled since, and difficult to source; good luck finding it again. If you find one for sale it's easy enough (and worth it) to get the tripod collar removed by a service tech. Stan
  6. Macro ports no longer available for sale, and I'm now including the Nikkor 12-24mm lens to make a ready-to-dive wide-angle system. See http://www.pelagicon.com/misc/fs-nexus.php as before. Stan
  7. Already been down this route thanks, but to no avail. The front port diameter is too narrow for this lens, giving significant vignetting for anything < ~90mm.
  8. Thanks; after a bit of consideration I've decided this is probably the best solution, as the Anthis M5 port combo for this lens is narrower also, making it less bulky underwater. The downsides are the lack of locking port & lack of threaded port to add extras, but perhaps that's the price for holding onto this old lens.
  9. Just wondering if anyone knows the best Nauticam port configuration for the Micro-Nikkor 70-180mm? It's a beast of a lens to take underwater, and I had it happily housed with my old Anthis Nexus (M5 port Ø), but unsure of best combo for Nauticam. The 60mm macro port with extensions seems to vignette too much at all focal lengths, so perhaps the compact port?
  10. Great deal on a complete underwater camera/housing D-SLR package. In great condition, and selling as I'm looking to upgrade. Ready for the typical lenses used underwater, including 10mm fisheye, 12-24mm W/A zoom, 60mm macro, 105mm macro, etc. Also includes a 60mm macro extension ring. PACKAGE PRICE (camera/housing & ports): GB£ 1,900 Shipped from United Kingdom; buyer pays shipping costs/fees. See here for more detail & more pictures. Stan
  11. The D70 housing body has been sold, but the Nikon/Nexus D300 bundle still remains waiting to be sold, with ports! Only GB£1,900. As before, see here for more information. Stan
  12. Hi Jim, It's definitely the M5 port mount; as I was originally upgrading from my Nexus D70 system, I chose to order an M5 mount instead of the M6 to accommodate the ports I already owned, and had the benefit of eliminating another potential leak point (M6-M5 adapter). I also looked into the lens compatibility, and found that all lenses I was either using or ever likely to use with the D300 would easily fit with the marginally slimmer M5. For example, I currently tend to use Nikkor 12-24mm for W/A and Micro-Nikkor 70-180mm for macro, but it would just as easily fit Nikkor 10mm fisheye or Micro-Nikkor 105mm VR. Cheers, Stan
  13. Hi Jon, Yes, I'd be willing to sell only the D300, but obviously with mutually-compatible ports it makes sense for me to try to sell both together, and I'd prefer to see the D70 also getting used instead of sitting idly in storage. I'd sell the D300 setup alone for £1,850 if you're interested. If you also want a wide-angle lens I'd consider parting with my Nikkor 12-24mm, but until now I'd anticipated holding onto it. Bear in mind also that it ships from UK, as from your profile it looks as though you're in US. Hope that helps, Stan
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