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  1. I have a brand new Shearwater Perdix computer. I have used it on only ONE dive. Approx 55min of logged diving. No real reason for sale. My diving is being pushed for at least another year due to school, so Im going to sell it and make use of the money for school tuition/books since I wont be using it. Asking Price: $1000 CAD Shipping is included depending on area - Please provide your address PayPal fees are not included PLEASE EMAIL ME (I might not be checking here often): dop-michaelfrymus@live.com
  2. Who has used the Canon 11-24mm underwater? I dont have a dslr at the moment, as Im deciding which full package would be best. Instead of using the 8-15mm fisheye, I thought about the 11-24 lens instead. I know it will be more money, but other than the cost, thoughts on this lens?
  3. Please PM if interested; SONY RX100 I $300 CAD +$15 shipping (if required) Includes: Camera, battery, charging cable Item location: South of Toronto Condition: 8/10. Has a few some scuff small marks on the back corners. It actually looks worse in the photo than it is. LCD is clean. No marks/scratches.
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    SubSee +10 FS

    US only?? Why limit yourself. Wont ship to Canada?
  5. ALSO willing to buy the MARK II version
  6. Looking for a housing for the RX100 mk.i Prefer the discontinued Nauticam Housing. If I'm correct, it should accept the newer WW-1 lens. Which is why im interested in this until. My 2nd option is the Recsea housing. *Do not require anything else but the housing. Unless you have the Nauticam tray & handles with it*
  7. I have also been saving up for a new full frame camera, but I'm still indecisive whether the Sony A7II / AR7II is worth it or with one of the Canon 5D cameras. With a gig coming up in about 2 months, I don't want to feel pressured into an expensive rig and regretting it down the road. So I'll think about it some more. In the mean time, I've been thinking of using my RX100 instead for the underwater photography job I have coming up. It will be a lot of wide angle photography of divers. Taking photos of first time divers and also experienced divers in the ocean. I've been wondering if the RX100 would be sufficient / better for Wide & Macro photography compared to the RX100 iii / iv Price is not a problem. Not much of a difference. But the mk. iv is a bigger jump. The RX100 iii / iv has faster lenses Its wider, which is good, I would need wide, but heard it may not be good as wide angle lenses are better on 28mm than 24mm Anything other pros/cons? Worth the upgrade or stay with the mk.i? - If so, which? *Will not be using it for video* RX100 i + Recsea UW Housing + Wide angle wet lens (Undecided - UWL-04 Fisheye or WA-100 + Dome) RX100 iii / iv + Nauticam UW Housing + WW-1 Either will have a (1-2x) +7 or +10 diopter for macro. Either will have (2x) Sea & Sea YS-D2 strobes
  8. Going Full Frame soon, and I'm debating whether the Sony 28mm f/2.0 with the 16mm fisheye converter is going to be a wide enough lens. It is a prime lens, which Im honestly not a big fan of. I prefer the flexibility with zooms. The only other option I see is a Canon 8-15mm, but i don't think it will be really usable as it will vignette on most focal lengths. There are crop sensor wide angle lenses, like the 10-18, but still, only about 12-17mm of usable area. So, if I do stick with the 16mm fisheye, will this be wide enough? Or would I be better off getting the Canon fisheye or another wide rectilinear lens?
  9. Ok. I gotcha. Thanks. I just thought it would be easier to purchase a light like this; with both a video and stills capability as it would reduce the amount of gear, probably cost less, and be able to do both underwater if needed. The DS161 has a 500 lumens video light. Thats not powerful enough is it? That new one ^ looks cool. and more powerful.
  10. No. No. For photography I will be using strobes. For Video, I will be using continuous lights. There is an Ikelite I found the DS161. That has both a video light built into the flash unit. I was asking if there was a light that has two lights in one unit, rather than having two separate lighting fixtures.
  11. I don't understand what that has to do with my question?
  12. I know nothing about lighting for underwater. I've been doing on land stuff for several years through. Mainly focusing on the video portion. Wondering, is there a light that is good for photo/video use? - strobe and continuous. Or would I be best getting separate lights? Which lights? Will be using the Sony A7ii with ikelite housing Im thinking about dual lights, rather than just one... without spending a boat load of money as I don't have too much money to spend on this. Gotta pay for school. *Shooting people mainly at the moment (capturing memories) but later in the days I will be shifting focus on the marine life.
  13. Comparing the various cameras, these two seem to be pretty good. I was previously looking at the 5Diii. What are your thoughts on either of these cameras for photo and video use. Which would you suggest? - or perhaps neither? Are all accessories required for photo/video use available for these camera? A7Sii*
  14. I've been looking at housings for the future as I may get one. And being in the film background, I am used to using external monitors. I would like to use an external monitor for my camera rig. The best monitor I've come across was the SmallHD 702. But getting a housing for such a thing, that is rated for deep diving... I'm not really sure how. Having a bigger monitor than looking through the viewfinder seems to be much easier. Everything will be big and displayed on the monitor. Plus you can be in any position underwater, and you dont necessarily need to be behind the camera to look at what youre shooting. I dont think that keeping your head up to the viewfinder is any good. could cause bumps? -- Not sure. Never used a viewfinder underwater, only for a few photos I did once, and didnt like using it at all.
  15. Honestly, I don't think you can rent out any underwater gear here. Yes, we have large camera rental houses, but I've never seen or heard of any underwater equipment being rented. It's because I don't know where they would use such equipment. I don't really have an 'in'. Because I'm working in the union doesn't really give me any job opportunities. I used to own a 4K camera. The Canon C300, But people these days are all biased on the popular brands like Red and Alexa. Can barely if at all afford to pay the crew or rental, but NEED this camera. I got out of the freelance business because of that. People are cheap, but want the best. Unless you have connections to big clients that can pay for quality. But I don't. And that's why I'm in the union.
  16. I just recently started looking at underwater filmmaking. I have my advanced divers license with specialization in film/photo. I am located in Southern Ontario, Canada. There honestly isn't much, if any good diving spots near me. The closest / best place I can think of is about 3-4 hours North in Tobermory. But that's about it. Just a few small caves and ship wrecks near the surface. I've been shooting films for many years now ( short films, feature films, commercials, music videos, etc), BOTH in the Toronto film Union (Hollywood budget films) to smaller indie/private productions. So I'm thinking of combining both. But its just a thought. I'm not sure whether its worth doing it, if its in demand, and whether I would even get a job out of it. As mentioned, I do work in the film union in Toronto, but they don't have specialties for 'underwater camera operators'. Nor do I believe they hire anyone locally here. -- As I dont know where they would film. I'm also in the process of swapping careers. Going to school for astronomy & earth sciences; going towards being something along the lines of a Planetary Scientist. With that, I would be studying the oceans. So, being able to dive and record would seem like a great benefit to me. But, as I said, I'm just giving it a shot. I would still love to film underwater. My first question: 1) How does one get a job doing underwater filmmaking? - For feature films, commercials, TV shows, etc. If Id be getting a housing, id start off small. I have no gear at the moment. Sold everything. Id like to get the Canon 7Dii and a housing, but i think itll be too much for me at the moment. So, Im CONSIDERING using the GoPro. It would be the GoPro Hero 4 Black, with a dive housing, Inon SD Mount Cage (http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=7809) + Inon Dome lens (http://reefphoto.com/shop/index.php?main_page=product_info&products_id=7811) But, Im not seeing any results for the tray? with handles. 2) I would like to have handles with the 1" ball on top for attaching long arms for lights. The one Inon sells seems to be rather expensive. Are there any alternatives? 3) Is it worth the effort spending money on a gopro system, or just get the 7Dii underwater system?
  17. Sup. I like diving. I like film. Im combining them both. Yay me
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