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  1. Any word on flashing updated firmware to the original Retra strobes, @Oskar@RetraUWT?
  2. @Pavel Kolpakov, does the 11075 TTL-Converter for Sony A7III in a Nauticam housing work for TTL with Retra strobes?
  3. Hello Oskar, Any updates on the firmware update? Thanks!
  4. If you hold and place the strobe's optic plug hole in front of the camera flash, does that trigger the strobe? If so, it's an issue with the fiber optic cable.
  5. Dang! Wondering if it will work with the Sony 50mm Macro on a A7... would be a game changer. The 150° FOV means I wouldn't bother with the 28mm lens and the WWL-1. Then the rig can do macro and WA on the same dive....
  6. Hoping someone will test out the Tamron 28-75 f/2.8 with the WACP for Sony shooters... an article on Nauticam's website indicates that the Sony FE 28-70 f/3.5-5.6 OSS works, but this kit lens isn't the best top side afterall. Seems a waste to have such an investment in a wet lens coupled with a $300 piece of glass behind it!
  7. Will existing units be able to be flashed with an update?
  8. Thanks Tom! Was more curious about the actual hot shoe trigger unit. I know the Nauticam one specifically does not support TTL. Was wondering if anyone has used any other hardware specifically on a Sony mirrorless camera that allows for TTL through fiber optics!
  9. Excellent! Fibre optic it is. Which trigger is capable of TTL between the Sony and Retras?
  10. Is there a way to use the Retra strobes with the Sony A7 III in a Nauticam housing and get TTL?
  11. Looking for someone to hopefully be able to confirm that my Retra strobes will work with the TURTLE TTL on a Sony A7 III in a Nauticam housing! Optical connection to be used.
  12. Thank you both of you, and for the gallery of shots taken with the WWL! The Sony 12-24mm also looks stunning indeed - great shot! What would the FOV of that setup be? My only hesitation with the WWL-1 is the 130° FOV, compared to the 180° one can get from something like the 8-15mm Canon adapted onto the Sony. That was a fantastic and detailed post, Mike, thank you for taking the time to write that! It really does seem like the WWL-1 and 28mm combination is a no-brainer, given the relatively low cost of entry. Buoyancy compensation is definitely in order! I'm with you also on wanting to use native glass as much as possible. Hopefully Sony does come out with their own 8-15. But given how there are other gaps in their lens lineup that are likely to sell in larger numbers, it could be a while... I guess I just don't want to feel like i'm being limited by the 28mm + WWL-1 combination, given the capabilities of the Sony A7 series of cameras these days. But it doesn't sound like I would be at all. Thank you gentlemen!
  13. Bought a pair of Retra strobes from Walt Stearns with no issues what so ever. Great seller!
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