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  1. Hi Tom, do you provide external consultancy ? I might need you for my project.
  2. Thanks for answering Tom and Tim . Im curious to know what kind of lights where you using ? When I used lights on the fish the skin was reflecting it and I must not have any light reflexion on my pics Also the idea is to put the camera/lights underwater, and let it do the job and get as much sharp pictures of fish swimming close to the lens (from 0 to 40cm close) So I cant be behind the camera all the time to trigger a shot :/
  3. Hello, I'm currently working on a project with Salmon fish in Norway. The goal i to have a high resolution and very sharp picture of a fish moving in front of an underwater camera in the Fjords. I tried with a GoPro 4 using high FPS video , "normal photo ", timelapse etc. and I always end up with a blurry picture (see attached for example). I thought about different ways to do as : - Use lights with fast shutter speed : Problem > I must not have any light reflection on the fish skin - Move the camera while the fish is moving : I tried at my office with a simple object, I got sharper image but it still blurry - Use a very high speed camera (1000fps for example) : Didn't try that - Use a very high ISO camera like the Sony a7S II : Didn't try that - Use a special algorithm for motion blurry (http://cg.postech.ac.kr/research/fast_motion_deblurring/) : Try it, a bit sharper but not enough What would be according to you the best way to do so ? Thanks a lot !
  4. Hi, I'm Mathieu , French guy working on a project with Salmon fish in Norway. Glad to meet you guys !
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