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  1. Hi All, Here are my photos from diving the major wrecks in the Red Sea north of Hurghada. I went on a live aboard with Emperor Divers and had an amazing time:) Can't wait to go back to Egypt for some more diving! http://www.thedeepblueportfolio.com/red-sea-wrecks-abu-nuhas-and-thistlegorm/
  2. Looking to buy housing and dome port, extensions, etc, for a Nikon D7100 (I already own the camera). I am currently living in Spain so would have to be able to ship internationally. Preferably Ikelite for cost and weight reasons. Thanks:D
  3. Hey all, does anyone else from BC (or knowledge of..) have opinions on the Vancouver Aquarium? I love seeing the belugas, but always felt that maybe.. it was not quite right to be keeping them in a tank. Especially after I saw blackfish! The aquarium justifies the keeping of whales, dolphins, etc., based on their conservation efforts and fundraising. However, I recently read an article based on the documentary (link: http://www.vancouveraquariumuncovered.com) that contradicts those claims. Thoughts? Should we (as divers and marine life enthusiasts) continue to support the Vancouver Aquarium? Thanks for your opinion!
  4. Nice! I love the diving in Norway:) What wreck is this?
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