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  1. Just wanna say how amazing this clip is. Seen it on your page on vimeo but wanted to add this additional comment here. Greatness at its prime. Using the canon 100mm I presume? any additional diopters needed?
  2. Hey Bill! My apologies to this delayed reply. I actually did not use follow focus on that shot. I kept using as large of an F-Stop as possible on shots when I remembered and this made focusing easier. In macro I presume this would be a different issue. But with the wide angle shots I was aiming to use f-11 - F13 since higher made it too dark. This enabled be to cover a larger area in focus without needing follow focus. ML was a program i tried to get to know very well before my first dive with it since certain things can go wrong and you should always aim to stay below the max limits of the software. I tested my cam on the max strains i believed i needed underwater and it was successful for every dive but one (a night dive) where i tried something without going thru my safety steps for it. But again, without ML I would have had so much less footage to show since it saved so many of my shots.
  3. Hey Bill, Thanks for your post! I mainly used AF on the wide angle shots. There is an option on ML that allows the use of follow focus which worked very well in the raw shots, but AF alone did a great job. As for the macro, it suffered greatly and thus will be getting the proper gears for any further shooting in macro. I couldn't afford everything before that trip (even crab and electric scallop were shot thru a dome port) but my following purchases will be in regards to that, with the proper flat port and manual gear.
  4. Hey Drew, You're absolutely right! There is a lot of bouncing around in my workflow and Davinci resolve is one of if not the best video colorist software I've run into. I do believe that you can save yourself a lot of time using Davinci. As for adobe, never tried it and would probably take the davinci route if it came to that. The thing about DR is unless you get the paid version you will not be able to reduce noise. Capture One IMO has an unmatched WB corrector which is vital for my underwater shots. Not even lightroom comes close ... IMHO. I will begin to work more on davinci to see if i can perfect that method of processes, to cut my post editing time. But when I compare my end results using my current workflow vs davinci (to the best of my abilities) I find that the final product looks much better with my current method. With that said, I'm not ruling out DR since its potential is great. It's a work in progress.
  5. beautiful pix! Just came back from there myself! What an amazing destination. Posted my results using 5dIII and raw video. I want to go back asap :-) thanks for sharing!
  6. I've always wanted to try the Canon 5D III with Magic Lantern underwater. In theory I felt shooting in raw would be more beneficial underwater than on land given the issues with accurate white balance and loss of light with every increment of depth. Unfortunately the post workflow is tedious and time consuming. I think once you get the hang of it, it will get faster and to me it was worth it. Below were the results and my workflow in post. Workflow: Canon set to raw module and not MLV (need the speed of CF and not the sound) Clips check and marked in/out thru MLV raw viewer Lightroom/Capture one for correction and enhancements and exported 8-bit tiff Compressor to convert to ProRes 422 FCPX for video editing Motion for text Compressor to convert for upload
  7. With the new Apple Music Store (I know this is not for everyone) you can download anything you like for free as long as you are subscribed to the Apple license. And this music can also be added to you videos by taking the file from your downloads folder and dropping it into the NLE. So basically in this particular case you are paying $3.99/month for all the music on itunes. Once you stop your subscription I believe all those downloads with not be available anymore on your itunes library but it has already been transferred to your NLE so it will be there forever.
  8. Hey my name is Tarek Im new to this forum and just started taking pix as well. Using the Canon 5D III in an aquatica housing.
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