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  1. Hi folks! Selling my D810 housing, Ikelite. Didn't use it much, less than a dozen dives with it. As you can see in the photos, there's very little corrosion anywhere and it all looks and works pretty much as when new. Condition is excellent, and all systems are working. Only includes the housing with dual handle tray, no strobe cables etc... Price: $790, includes shipping CONUS. Add fees for Paypal (also accept PP Friends and Family).
  2. Hi guys, I have an 8" Ikelite Dome Port for sale. It's used so it has some light scratches. This is the one without the hood petals to get in the way. Comes with the neoprene sock. $120. Seattle area. Price includes shipping to CONUS. Paypal accepted, add 3% unless using Paypal Gift.
  3. Still need DS125s? I have a great deal on (3) of them.
  4. Hi all, I'm selling (3) DS125 Strobes, as well as Ikelite 6" Arms, an Optical Slave, and Dual Strobe Cable. They come with (3) batteries, which are all good, and 2 chargers. Missing one wide-angle diffuser. All working condition, all well used but cared for. Seattle area. Price does not include shipping. Paypal accepted, add 3% unless using Paypal Gift. CONUS only. $500 for the whole lot. $220 for each Strobe with Battery and Arm. $100 for the Dual TTL Sync Cable, barely used. Also have a set of iDas 12" arms, available for $400 if you want them. WHOLE LOT DS125 with Optical Slave DS125 with Diffuser Misc Chargers, TTL Sync Cable
  5. Hi folks, the housing is SOLD.
  6. SOLD! Hi guys, I have a great simple and inexpensive housing for the Sony Rx100 MkII. It's in great shape, but has been used on a couple of shallow dives. It's not an Ikelite, but is an Ikelite knockoff from China. It's held up extremely well and I originally got it for $200. Has the strap, the Lens Port Cover. O-Ring is in great shape. Selling for $100 and free shipping Priority.
  7. Hi all, I have a mint Inon Straight Viewfinder from DiverVision for the Ikelite D810 Housing. It might fit other Ikelite Housings, but I think it'd have to be Nikon Pro Bodies. I'm using a 45 now. It's a terrific viewfinder, I have a hard time imagining anyone not using a magnifying viewfinder on a housing to shoot with! It's as good as the Ikelite branded Magnifying viewfinder (not a surprise given that's an Inon finder). Mint condition, no scratches etc.. Comes with spare O-Ring. You'll need an Ikelite Viewfinder tool to remove your previous VF. $350 with free shipping, Priority Mail, US. http://www.divervision.com/inon-straight-viewfinder-for-ikelite-housings-SVF-IKE.html?search=ikelite%20viewfinder
  8. Hi folks, just an introduction, I'm photographer Kiliii Fish. I'm a documentary & adventure photographer working on conservation and indigenous issues. Looking forward to joining the community here.
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