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  1. Sorry Guys I wasnt notified of the replies.. Thanks Watboy Yeah I'm almost at the point of discounting the D2000, but not considered the S2000, mainly as I want something to grow into and its been hard enough justifying new strobes to the financial controller Thanks Troporobo I don't have a fixed kind of photo, it depends where I am - Mainly macro in Perth, but in Indonesia, it would be a mix - From what I can gather the z240 has some good adjustability on the lower end as well as power I can 'grow into' - the xz2 also have flash available up to 1/500 shutter speed, making the low end of power a little more useable if it doesnt go that low. Thanks Bill - They are pretty much the same pricing - it looks like the S&S are dropping pricing a little with the D2 - maybe because of the issues - I'm not 100% I want to be a guinea pig for another new design.. the advantages you mentioned again swing me to the z240.. So I think its settled.. Z240 - just now need to get the funds for the tray and arm SO next Questions I'm looking at the inon stick arms and grip base M with additional handle - The handles / tray don't look particularly ergonomic compared to some - whats your thoughts? Steve
  2. Thanks Hellhole.. Next camera - well I have no idea. I'd like a housing for my K3 - but for some reason Pentax gets ignored.. chances are it will have a built in flash so can activate the strobe.. but it will be a fair while a way. The other negative for the inon's is the FO 'cables' are more expensive compared to s&s from what I can see.. and S&S type are easy to 'make' I have found a converter from inon to S&S which I will be getting if I go inon for a few $$ Steve
  3. Thanks Alison, Hellhole, Jock and Canislupus all info is much appreciated. As I probably knew.. most errors are user related.. and then they vent on the forums I'd need a 3 sided coin! The ys-d2 is more expensive to me that the inons (10-15% more than the z240) - then the 2 inons.. the z240 has more grunt but costs more (15%-20% ish) over the d2000.. so need to decide if its worth it... oh the joys of gear buying! Steve
  4. Hi Guys Just looking to purchase a pair of new strobes to upgrade my current olympus xz2 / ys-27dx setup I have been pondering between the following - S&S - YS-D2 Inon Z240 Inon D2000 I have been recommended to go the d2000 and warned off from the S&S due to them being very susceptible to failing / flooding due to the battery compartment seal design - I have considered both Inons due to the additional power of the z240 and I have been told they are very robust. What is the general consensus? I have done some research and it seems inons flood pretty regularly due to their seal design / user error, where I cant find much relating to S&S - plus as a mechanical design engineer point of view the S&S seems to have a decent design with minimal twisting / pinching of the o-ring compared to the inon? Ah the joys of contradicting information from the internet Thanks Steve
  5. Hi All Steve (in case my forum name didnt give it away!) here from Perth, Australia. Relative newbie to diving (in comparison to some) with about 75 dives to my name, both local and international. Interested in UW photography and have an Olympus XZ2 and sea&sea YS-27dx strobe and arm kit bought used. Looking for new strobes and have been browsing the forum for more info Desperately hoping someone will come out with a housing for the pentax k3.. as that is my land based go to.. I mean.. Ike have release a samsung housing.. why not a pentax! Steve
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