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  1. just noticed was sold. disregard if my post did not get recalled.
  2. I was on a recent trip to Grand Cayman and my friend used a Fisheye housing for G11 with Sea & Sea YS-01 optical connection. I was so impressed I am planning to cease use of my big Canon SLR Ikelite rig and move to this set up. My friend had a flip down macro lens which is far better than I expected. She was having some trouble with blow out with TTL. I switched her to manual with great results. She merely adjusts F stop and shutter to achieve the right exposure as shooting conditions change. She was shooting single strobe but I would elect to shoot dual YS-01s myself. The Fisheye housing has dual optical ports. The guide numbers on the YS-1 are not that much less than YS-110 so if you are looking for a compact system the Fisheye and dual YS-1 would be awesome. I recently attended a Sea & Sea workshop and the instructor Andy Salmon said he did not see any downside to optical. Actually the usual flood problems occur at the sync cable which is eliminated with a optical connection.
  3. I have an Ikelite housing for a 20D and several ports, arms, DS125 strobes arms, buoyancy tubes, sync cords etc. I am willing to sell the whole rig for great price. This system has less than 20 dives on it. Let me know if you are still interested and I will detail out the items and price. I am in California.
  4. I have a Nikon Coolpix P5100 Camera. 2 extra batteries small Nikon topside SB-400 flash. 2 housings for it. One is an Ikelite and has a wide angle lens. Second is a Fantasea FP-5000. Willing to sell any or all of it. I am in California. I also have two Ikelite strobes DS-50 and DS-51 synch cords and handles with arm. All is excellent condition.
  5. To all who replied to my inquiry many thanks. I am relieved to know I made a good purchase and now understand the +4 Diopter requirement. I will have an opportunity to try it out in Bonaire next month.
  6. I recently purchased an Ikelite housing for a Canon 20D DSLR and a port for the Canon 17-85mm Zoom. Ikelite reccomends using a +4 Dopter for this lens port combination. I still don't understand why and if it is absolutely necessary. Can any one explain or does anyone have experience with the lens and port combo.
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