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  1. So what can one do to avoid this problem chris? Is there a way around it other then wht has already been explained? Do I just avoid taking shots with a longer depth of field? Should I consider a different lens? As I have stated previously, this is my first Full Frame setup, and my first time using a rectilinear lens underwater. What setup do you use?
  2. I had a quick look through some of my images last night, and it does seem to improve when I stop down, however in some images it was still there at f13.........
  3. I have twin strobes. But for the split shots which I had no issues with, I was using ambient light. The change up to full frame and a rectilinear lens is just something I need to get used to I guess. My old 7D performed terrible at high ISO, but I'm yet to get a feel for my 5D mkiii. I guess if I was shooting at f11 and lower and I boosted my ISO as high as 800 it would probably be fine.
  4. Thanks for the very detailed response. I think I understand and follow what your saying. I guess I will have to adapt to this and start shooting at higher ISO to compensate for the aperture.
  5. I will take a good look through my recent images and take note of setting so as to judge the differences. It's my first full frame camera, and first time with a rectilinear lens underwater, so I guess theres just more variables to account for then expected.... I guess I will have to start shooting at much higher ISO.
  6. When I can afford a glass dome I will buy one. Lol I bought the camera with the lens, and I'm not even sure if it's the lens I want to stick with. But if I can improve this lens blur problem I may well stick with it. I never had this issue with my APS-C and Tokina 10-17mm setup, so it's really disappointing after spending so much money to upgrade!
  7. Your right, that's wht I meant. Lens blur. I have gone as low as f5.6, but I haven't actually compared the images. I will take a look. Unfortunately for me, if this is the case, I prefer darker backgrounds/more contrast that smaller apertures give. I will look through some recent images and post some comparisons. Cheers mate.
  8. Hi everyone, I'm hoping some of you might be able to help me out. I recently upgraded to a 5D mkiii Nauticam system. I'm shooting with the Canon EF 17-40 1:4 L USM Lens, 50mm extension ring, and a Nauticam N120 8.5" acrylic dome port, as is the suggested setup, but every image has severe vignetting, regardless of the focal length. At first I thought it might just be because I was shooting primarily at the wide end, but after experimenting I realised that it doesnt matter. The wierd thing is that when I first used it i was shooting split shots in mangroves and there was no issues. But while diving and snorkelling, all images have vignetting. This is the first time I have used a rectilinear lens underwater, having only ever used the Tokina 10-17mm previously, so I'm pretty confused. Is it just the lens? Could it be my Autofocus settings? Could it be that the second hand dome has been polished too much so that now it has thicker edges thus creating the blur? I'm really at a loss here, and after investing so much money to upgrade, I'm really disappointed. So I would really appreciate some feedback guys!!! Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi everyone. Still looking for this housing. Would really like to hear from you!!
  10. How much are you asking for? Can you post some images?
  11. If anyone out there is looking to offload a Nauticam housing for the canon 5Diii or 5Div, please get in touch. Cheers in advance!!
  12. Hi all. Hope your all doing well and had a great weekend diving. I'm searching for a Nauticam 20mm extension ring with lock. Part #21120. I have recently purchased a 8.5" dome port and now I need the ring. If anyone has one ease get in touch. I'm based in Australia. Thanks in advance everyone.
  13. Hi Todd. Where are you based?? I'm interested in the zen dome. I'm assuming its nauticam mount right?
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