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  1. Really want to buy this for my march 10 trip. Based in the Philippines though. Too far i think.
  2. The camera and lenses? The strobes. Or your keeping it?
  3. Wheres the rest of the gear?? Or you only sell the housing?
  4. Really interested?? Pm! Can buy directly cash if your in California
  5. Can you send me the list of the detailed items that is inlcuded in your package?? My email add jacksonyap@yahoo.com
  6. Just wondering if the other stuff are still available?? And does anyone know how to get in touch with jbriggs??
  7. Hi. Im new to this. So bare with me. Im jackson yap from the philippines. Been diving for 7 years and been doing underwater photography for 5. I have two main cameras sony rx 100 with nauticam housing and the old canon 50d dslr with seatool housing . 2 x ys110a, fit video light macro lens and wide angle lens. Thanks
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