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  1. Hi I've just bought the Sony 10-18mm lens for my Sony NEX7 & Nauticam housing and appreciate your advice on ports if you use this particular lens. Looks like there are 3 options. I was assuming the Nauticam acrylic 7 inch (being acrylic) will not perform as well as the Zen and Nauticam glass port options. However as the acrylic 7 inch is made specifically for this lens this may not be the case? There's a price difference of course, and base/extensions needed for the glass which come into it, but purely on photo quality are you losing anything in this case with the acrylic 7 inch? much appreciated Good Viz Pete
  2. Hi all, I've been trying my hand at uw photography for a few years now and finally joined Wetpixel. I've got a Sony NEX-7 and am based in Sydney Australia. Looking forward to pick up some tips, and would be happy to hear from anyone shooting with an NEX camera. cheers Goodviz Pete
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