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  1. Nikon D810/Inon 330 not firing.

    Hi Pavel - I have a relatively new D810/Inon 330 (330s are new). I test fired before vacation and all worked well. After setup at resort, I'm not synching. I have removed the optical cables and do not see the LEDs lighting up. I have the converter settings at 0 and am shooting manual. I replaced batteries before packing for the trip and successfully tested with the new batteries. Can you suggest a way to debug to find where the problem is? Thank you very much.


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    2. Pavel Kolpakov

      Pavel Kolpakov

      Hi Tracy,

      I will try to help.

      Please send me a photo of your installed TTL system in the housing, to look the details, In good quality.

      Also make a photo of your fiber cables.


      Best Regards,


    3. TimG


      Hi Tracy

      I'm not sure the Wetpixel systems are letting you post - hence the messages you are exchanging with the excellent Pavel not appearing as posts as they should.

      Could you follow this please from the Wetpixel publisher, Adam Hanlon, and we can get you up and running properly:

      Any problems, just let me know.

      Best wishes

      Hi all,

      To join our  community, our registration process requires individuals to verify their email addresses and make a post on the forums, before being able to post a topic.  

       I did pick up some weird changes in the permissions that meant that New Members could create topics in other forums etc. I have now shut that down. I have also made it so that New Members must post an introduction by adding a reply to the Member introductions thread in the Galley before being able to post elsewhere or create new topics.

       Thank you all again!


    4. aquaursa


      Hi Pavel -

      Sorry for the delay. Here are photos of the controller, the cables, and the connections. Multiple posting due to size limit. 


      cable .pdf cable 2.pdf

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