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  1. Nikon D810/Inon 330 not firing.

    Hi Pavel - I have a relatively new D810/Inon 330 (330s are new). I test fired before vacation and all worked well. After setup at resort, I'm not synching. I have removed the optical cables and do not see the LEDs lighting up. I have the converter settings at 0 and am shooting manual. I replaced batteries before packing for the trip and successfully tested with the new batteries. Can you suggest a way to debug to find where the problem is? Thank you very much.


    1. Pavel Kolpakov

      Pavel Kolpakov


      Do you mean that just batteries had run out quickly? Or TTL board is broken and does not work at all now?

      Did you test it again with fresh batteries later?

    2. aquaursa


      Hi Pavel -- I'm not sure if the batteries ran out quickly. They were new out of the package a week ago. I don't have a second set (they were the second set until I installed then), so can't test. Unfortunately, unable to find replacements so far in Palau.

      So I'm unclear on where the issue resides.




    3. aquaursa


      Hi Pavel -

      First, thank you for the speedy reply. It's great that you lend the expertise to the board.

      Second, an addition to my earlier statement. When I tested for this trip, my strobes weren't firing. After testing all that I could, I decided to try replacing the batteries in the TTL board. That worked. The prior batteries had been in the housing since mid December 2018 (so, about 9 months). In reading the literature, I saw that I shouldn't store the housing with batteries in, so I guessed that was the cause. This new set of batteries, however, have only been in the housing for 5 days.




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