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  1. It is possible to update the firmware of the TTL-Converters produced in 2021-2022. When the new firmware is created, user can send the product to UWTechnics factory (Taiwan) for the update.
  2. Yes, the new version YS-D3 MkII is well for TTL. It works acceptable with UWTechnics TTL Converters (tested at similar profile Z330). Next month it is planned to build a separate TTL profile specially for YS-D3 MkII.
  3. I absolutely agree with you Tim. Optical fibers are much better for underwater usage anyway. Electric sync cords gradually becoming a thing of the past.
  4. Most manufacturers of 613 type cables now use 613-fiber produced by Japanese company Asahi Kasei. But thermo coiling technology is different a little bit (basically, this is what affects the life time of the cable), also different connectors, cable length, price etc. So, there is some choice now.
  5. When the era of optical cables (especially those with multi-fiber core) in underwater photography began, we were all excited about this new way of synchronization that replaced electric cables. The benefits were immediately obvious. Much later came the realization of new problems. The most significant problem manifested itself with spirals. During production, these optical cables are twisted into a spiral of a rather small bending radius, then the spiral is heated at high temperature and then retains its shape. During this heat treatment, the fibers become brittle. Further, during the longtime operation, with repeated stretching, the fibers break, the cable partially loses the transmission coefficient or completely loses its performance. So, we are forced to change the best FO cables from time to time, this is reality.
  6. I made a short video about #11075-HSS UWTechnics TTL Converter initial test and correct settings: (i forgot to say: some Sony cameras allow to set 2-nd curtain electronic (or fully electronic shutter), - don't use it with TTL-converter). Only 1-st curtain can be set electronic if you need).
  7. Please specify the TTL-Converter model. The model full number is written in its User Manual and on the carton box too. Since 2020 there were issued 3 different products based on 11075 model: #1075, #11075-II, #11075-HSS. Also, please specify the optical cable model. Is it Sea&Sea cable of former years, or new 613-core? This is very important for LED system usage. Sea&Sea currently produces 3 new cables of 613 type. The "L" length cable is product No.50133 - https://www.seaandsea.jp/products/strobe/accessory/020.html Do you use exactly this cable model? If yes, Ok. So, you probably also use screw caps of third party manufacturer, to connect such cable to Z330 and to Nauticam housing? Can you please show a photo of your setup, on the table. Let's check the hardwire first.
  8. Hello Stuart, I can help you to make proper setup, including all settings. Let's do it step by step. What is your TTL-Converter model and fiber optical cable model?
  9. UWTechnics produces TTL Converter and different type bulkheads for Ikelite housings, including Optical bulkhead, Nikonos and Ikelite style bulkheads. Dual cable is supported on both optical and electric bulkheads. So, it allows to connect a pair of strobes by fiber optics, or by electric sync cord very easy. For the details, you can contact manufacturer by e-mail: uwtechnics@gmail.com.
  10. For sale: Nauticam NA-7DMkII housing for Canon 7D Mark II Used item, was in the fresh water 2 times to test new lenses. Condition - "like new". Complete kit, including spare o-ring, tools, carton box and warranty. Price: 2805 USD (- 50% off new product price). International delivery: UPS Please contact me on messenger. Pavel.
  11. Hi Brian, Yes, UWTechnics TTL-converter #11031-HSS-Z supports Retra HSS. The HSS sync speeds 1/250-1/8000 s are available for Nikon cameras. Here is the link to the product on the manufacturer website: https://uwtechnics.com/index.php/online-store/ttl-converters/for-nikon/ttl-converter-for-nikon-nauticam-housings-detail You can ask User Manual (pdf) for the product by email: uwtechnics@gmail.com The product version #11031-HSS-Z is popular now, so you can order it from dealers in your country, or directly from UW Technics.
  12. Yes, such problem of shutter / HSS-flash moment refers only to new type Panasonic (GH5) cameras construction / protocol, - for powering flash control system (TTL-Converter) from camera HotShoe pin. But If use former years m4/3 protocol (old version, without power pin usage), - it is another protocol and timings. UWTechnics converters for m4/3 family (Panasonic, Olympus) use only new version flash system protocol, powered from HotShoe pin. Miniature construction without battery was done according to the most of user's requests. We don't produce old version with battery supply now. But you can use TRT product, if it fits, why not. I plan to look at the new GH6 camera protocol. Maybe GH6 already does not have such a problem with shutter / HSS-flash moment, that took place with GH5 previously. Who knows. Let's look.
  13. Hello, Panasonic GH5 version of UWTechnics TTL converter does not support Retra HSS functionality, as written in Specifications. This is only a single model TTL Converter which does not support Retra HSS. But all other versions UWTechnics converters (Nikon, Canon, Sony, Olympus) support Retra HSS normally. The reason is following: Panasonic GH5 HotShoe communication protocol had a flying moment of shutter opening (in some limits) in HSS mode. In all other brands cameras such time moment is hardly determined by protocol. So, to reliably cover the full shot by the HSS flash lighting Panasonic land strobes have rather long total flash duration in HSS mode, it is significantly longer than 5ms duration of HSS flash of Retra. That is why the HSS feature was excluded from UWT TTL Converter version for Panasonic GH5. I don't know, the problem is solved in GH6 camera, or not, but i did not test GH6 protocol yet. Maybe it is still the same.
  14. Those ultra small size capacitors were produced by Japan manufacturer HITACHI, in limited quantities, by special orders of Inon and Sea&Sea. This is HD6 family of capacitors, it has always been in short supply due to a rare type of very rough foil inside. They are unavailable on casual open market of capacitors. Of course, Inon can replace the capacitors together with the main electronic board in the service center, but it is not cheap including delivery costs. Chris Ross already have written above, that problem may be not only in capacitors but also in the main electronic board. A year ago the spare PCB for Z240 was available, even including eBay, but currently product is totally discontinued. It may be available only in Inon service center. But officially, that spare PCB is discontinued. The good way for repairing Z240 now can be in purchasing a damaged Z240, disassembling it for spare parts. Sometimes i used to buy it very cheap. Many people have them on hands, because this model was in production so many years.
  15. Some difference exists, because of capacitors, but as for me it is acceptable for most of cases TTL shooting. If manually perform a full energy flash discharge, the difference can be more visible. But in case of aged strobes like DS125, you also even can see a difference between 2 strobes just because of concrete strobe capacitors condition / age. Electrolytic capacitors are not very stable in longtime usage.
  16. DS125 and DS160 have similar TTL-curve in main part of TTL control range. I checked this pair using UWT TTL-converter, some difference in DS125/DS160 lighting existed, but was acceptable.
  17. Canon HotShoe has 6 pins for digital TTL protocol. But one pin of them ("Autofocus assist.") is usually bypassed by hardware or by firmware in underwater housing TTL system. The other 5 lines are in use for TTL protocol communication.
  18. YS-D3 strobe was not supported by UWT TTL-Converters. That strobe had extremely low and unstable sensitivity optical TTL input. But recently Sea&Sea has announced they significantly improved TTL in the newest model YS-D3 Mark-II. In nearest months we are waiting for the sample of YS-D3 MarkII from Sea&Sea, for tests. Hope the TTL control has become better there. So, the nearest future will show.
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