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  1. 3 hours ago, Jay-11 said:


    I have one of the original Nauticam TTL converters that I purchased when the D500 housings came out.  Will I need to replace that converter with a new one to work reliably with the Retra Pro V2.5 strobes?

    You mean #26308 product (black color PCB). It did not have Retra TTL profile, no HSS support.  Yes, for usage with Retra Pro, you have to replace TTL board.

  2. 15 minutes ago, Joss said:

    Does it means that if we have the previous firmware on the converter it is better not to update the Retras's firmware?

    Hi Jose,

    Please check the User Manual of your TTL-Converter, If it already supports Retra Pro strobe (rotary switch position "7"), you have to update Retra Pro firmware up to V2.5 now.  

  3. 25 minutes ago, stuartv said:

    I got mine in March, 2020. I guess mine does not have the hardware changes. What will I be missing out on by having older hardware?

    If you mean TTL board for Sony A7-A9, the hardwire was upgraded even in spring this year. Probably you have a last version hardwire. Anyway, let's contact by e-mail to specify some technical details.

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  4. 53 minutes ago, stuartv said:


    I have a UWT TTL trigger for my Sony a7r IV. I anticipate buying a pair of Retra PRO strobes in the not-too-distant future.


    How would I be able to update my UWT trigger to have this new firmware?

    It is available to update this firmware for most of TTL boards. Please contact UWTechnics company for details by e-mail (uwtechnics@gmail.com).

    TTL boards manufactured since last summer have also some hardwire changes for better Retra Pro support and also this new firmware.

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  5. 7 hours ago, Oskar@RetraUWT said:
    We have just released a firmware update (2.5) for the Retra Flash PRO/Prime which includes improvements of Smart SL, HSS, BATT/TEST and U2 modes including an updated user manual.

    I want to add some information for users, that UW Technics in cooperation and with the support or Retra team updated the firmware of TTL-Converters for Retra HSS and TTL support of this particular firmware version V2.5.  So, all TTL-Converters manufactured last months are tuned for this new firmware.

  6. Hi John,

    MF-1 requires some more optical power for control than some other strobes.  Buy this reason, for example, UWTechnics updated all their TTL-Converters, - specially for Backscatter MF-1 strobe better support. Optical power and pulse duration in M mode has been increased in all circuitry produced since September.


  7. 19 hours ago, Lewis88 said:

    TRT has the YS-110a as an available option in their firmware. 

    Ok, but better ask manufacturer, what do those words mean, - Ys110a concrete separate  profile exists in firmware (user can choose exactly only "YS-110a" by switch), or just "compatibility" at another strobe profile.

  8. 3 hours ago, Lewis88 said:

    @Pavel Kolpakov Do you know if the UW Technics TTL converter for Sony A6xxxx cameras in a Seafrogs housing supports the YS-110a strobes? I only see YS-D1 and above listed. 

    Sorry, there is no YS-110a profile in that firmware. 

    Firmware includes the following TTL-profiles:

    Inon Z240,

    Inon Z330,

    Retra Pro,

    Sea&Sea YS-D1,

    Sea&Sea YS-D2 (China version),

    Sea&Sea YS-250,

    Ikelite DS-161, DS-160

    Subtronic Pro-160

    Subtronic Pro-270.



  9. 13 hours ago, scuba-tim said:

    Thanks so much for your reply Pavel. I'm not sure what you mean by the "strobe symbol on the service screen". Do you mean the "flash mode" indicator in the control panel? 

    The "FLASH" symbol confirms that camera recognizes Nikon compatible device on the HotShoe and TTL protocol works properly. You have to begin with this. The other details mean nothing for a while, until you get camera TTL protocol working.

    Check all wires in system (5 wires from HotShoe plug to TTL circuit and power supply 2 wires: +6v/Ground from Ikelite strobe to TTL circuit). Check these lines also using measuring gadget, if available.

    When you are sure that all wires and connectors are normal, you have to think about TTL circuit board. Ikelite old circuits fail quite often. I have a lot of them in basket after repairs of Ikelite housings. If the circuit is failed, you simply have to change it to new.

    In common case, TTL system repair in Ikelite housing is not simple if you don't have necessary skills, better ask an engineer for it.


  10. 12 hours ago, Joss said:

    Thanks Pavel, I just received it yesterday. That was quick!

    I did a HSS test at home (not uw) and it works well all the way to 1/8000s. 

    I have a question, with my D500 in auto FP 1/250 + retras in HSS mode. It looks like I still can do 1/100, 1/6,0 1/30..... without going back to Manual on the retras. But the instruction manual says to put the retras in M mode for normal speeds. I'm missing something?

    Really looking forward for the weekend!

    Kind regards,



    Hi Joss,

    Yes, if Retra strobe is in HSS mode, you can shoot at slow (normal) speeds too, using Nikon. 

    But in common case, i would recommend to set Retra to M mode when use normal sync speeds, by 2 reasons:

    1) In HSS position the flash intensity adjustment range (by another knob) is rather limited on both sides, it is acceptable for HSS pulsating flash, but user can not get Full power from the strobe, and minimum powers are limited too. So, when you don't need HSS, but use normal speeds, you can get a full range of available flash power, you have to use a simple mono-flash (set Retra to M mode). 

    2) In HSS position, but at normal sync speeds, the normal lighting is available only on Nikon cameras, because of Nikon simple X-sync for HSS flash. But on Canon / Sony / etc., there will be a dark strip on the image, because those brands use significantly different sync type/timings for HSS flash. So, this is also a reason to set Retra to M mode when normal sync speeds are in use.




  11. 1 hour ago, Hannes_taucht_ab said:

    Thanks, Pavel! 

    Does the above quote also apply to the Nikon variant? Especially the highlighted part about manual flash at "normal" shutter speeds?


    Yes, of course, it works the same way on all versions of UWTechnics HSS boards. 

    If user chooses "Auto FP" in Nikon sync menu, it switches system to M mode automatically. When shutter speeds are in limit up to 1/250, it works by normal sync mono flash. If use 1/320-1/8000 high speeds, then system automatically switches to HSS mode.

  12. 6 hours ago, Hannes_taucht_ab said:

    Hi Pavel,

    Is there a way to update existing boards (in my case the one that ships with the NA-D500 housing) to work with HSS or do we need the new hardware?

    Hardware is little bit different from previous boards. New HSS boards are much more powerful than previous, the LED output power is significantly increased.  Such optical power is necessary for Retra Pro optical TTL input. Also, the firmware is new, it includes Retra Pro TTL profile and HSS support module.

    By the way, new TTL-Converter for Nikon (#11031-HSS) got updated TTL profiles of all other strobes too (Inon, Sea&Sea, Ikelite, Subtronic, Retra). This is totally renewed improved firmware.

  13. On 5/21/2020 at 5:25 PM, Joss said:

    Hi Pavel, is the #11031-HSS (for Nikon) available?

    Hi Joss,

    UWTechnics #11031-HSS TTL board for Nikon is available now in online store:


    New product firmware also includes updated TTL-profiles for Inon, Sea&Sea, Ikelite, Retra and Subtronic strobes. Available TTL boards for the following housings: Nauticam, Sea&Sea, Hugyfot, Seacam, Subal, Seafrogs (Meikon), Sealux, Aquatica.

    Today i tested this #11031-HSS board (for Nauticam) together with Retra Pro strobe at 1/8000 shutter speed, it worked fine. 


  14. Nauticam NA-D300s housing in excellent condition.

    It was used 2 dives in the pool, for lens tests.  After that, it lay in the box.

    Housing condition is "like new". There are no any tracks of usage.

    Complete housing kit, including spare o-rings, tools, box and documents.

    Price = 500 USD.

    Payment: PayPal.  Delivery: EMS, UPS, DHL.


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  15. On 4/24/2020 at 8:25 PM, ianmarsh said:


    Just noticed the post has been edited and the flooded gear is no longer listed:(



    Hello Ian,

    Yes, the flooded item is already sold, deleted from list. Sorry.

    Currently i have only normally working items for sale.

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