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  1. Hello Peeps, I've got a 5months old Version 2 Seacam D7000 for SALE ( Body ). Item is in Singapore. Buyer to pay postage. Condition is mint 9/10. It's been my backup for my D3.. So if you're intrested. Please email me at imp@escapeinc.com.sg
  2. Heya Chief, I shot them with a mixture of lights with color filters. I was inspired by photographer Joe McNally with his strobist work. I occasionally use Ultra violet lights too. I'm still mucking around with the custom filter which i had 6 years back and trying out I - DAS filters too.. Will post more... )
  3. Hi guys, Here's some sample of my recent work. These were shot with either my custom UV setup or both UVsetup and color filters. Your critic is welcomed. I'm still trying to understand the technique.
  4. HI guys, Here's an underwater HDR shot of the Coral Goddess. Hope you like em. P U R E Series
  5. Hi guys I have a SEA& SEA housing ( Body or Full Set ) that fits both D3 and D3x for sale.. Email me if you're interested Maintained and serviced regularly at Sea&Sea Singapore. Item in Singapore. Will email pictures to interested parties. 1) Full set ( Macro manual port, 60mm macro focus&shift gears, 40mm extender, Fisheye port ) 2) Body only. imp@escapeinc.com.sg
  6. Nice work... and really complicated rig you have... Looking forward to more images
  7. Love the 1st shot.. Nice set..
  8. Thanks guys.. How do i go about this monitor calibration? get a spyder? Cal: I've been watching your work, hehehe, nice one chief..
  9. Hi guys, just back from a critter heaven doing wide angle. These are shots from only the house reef of SMART resort in Malaysia. Your humble critic is welcomed The Island Anchovies Vortex ONE. The reef House of Jacks The Condo The resort
  10. Thanks guys.. Still learning and understanding. In the process of modifiying a couple of camera to see if it works better with other kind of filters
  11. I got that.. chief.. And i understand where you're coming from.. Thanks.... but no harm mucking around and testing it...
  12. Thank for the constructive comment. I believe that IR photography has got its benefits on land. I was trying to achieve some of that, underwater. Just like you said, " Done in POST.. i think with IR processing and with the extended knowledge of PS, most IR can really be a work of ART instead of just "Desaturated Image". let it be land or underwater. So what i was trying to do , was to muck around with land techniques and see if there's other possiblities of making the underwater world, as well all know, beautiful. Will take into consideration of your comment and learn from it. Thanks
  13. Heya Rod, Is it possible to get them seperately.. Just the Body only? Please advise
  14. thanks Ellen, Still trying it out and hopefully bettering it asap.
  15. Hi guys, Was mucking around with my D70 IR Modded Camera. Took it down and tested it. Some critic will help. Both were shot with a Nikon Micro 60mm F2.8.
  16. Love the bokeh and tilt.. If it was straight on frontal, it would been like an other denise. The composition makes the different... My Favourite "Denise" Shot!!!!
  17. Heya Karel, No worries, i understand, its all about preference. I enjoy tilted images (Dutch Tilts) and basically my style. Thanks for popping in. Hola if you're in Singapore.
  18. Hi ilanbt, Yes, it was indeed an special moment. I went thru your gallery and really enjoy myself learning from your pictures. I like your PNG gallery most. Hope to see you if you're ever in asia.
  19. Hi guys, I was in Raja Ampat in December. Took some pics and hope you can critic on them. Please enjoy Pirate Coves Just off Cape Kri The Mangroves Size does matters Welcome to Wonderland Jetty at Air Borek Pirate cove in Misool Searching for Pgmy Seahorse Into the night Its all mine
  20. Yo motek, Thats a sweet shot.. Lovin it...
  21. Just Like DD, I build a floating studio . The 1st few try were bad cos i didn't have enough space and distance to work between the model and me which created alot harsh shadow on the background. I wanted that clean model look on it... Kinda fun shooting it.. Loads of patience needed too
  22. Hi guys, Here's mine for 2010. It's been done before by David Doubilet with nudi. I did mine in an uncontrolled enivornment, nite dive and shot in Lembeh strait last week
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