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  1. Hello, firstly sorry my bad English, I hope that you can understand me. I have an EM-1 on Nauticam housing and for Wide angle I have an Oly 9-18mm + 4" dome, but I´m not happy with corners and FOV. I was thinking to change to Panasonic 14-42 PZ + Macro port 29 + WWL-1 or Panasonic 7-14 with 6" dome. However I read in you blog that Pana 14-42 II Mega + port35 is better than 14-42 PX + port 29, all right? I also have an Inon 28LD UWL-H100 II + Dome. Is it compatible using M67-28LD adapter with macro port 35 + panasonic 14-42 II - mega OIS? What setup has the bigger FOV, what is the better choice for me? Thanks Sorry again my terrible English.
  2. Hello, I have some gears to sell, I,m from Brazil and I can ship to worlwide. -Olympus 9-18mm + Nautican 4" + gear (deepshot 3D printing) - USD 850.00 Excellent condition, no scratches. -INON UWL-H100 28LD + INON dome unit II - USD 450.00 Good condition, the dome has some small scratches, but they don't affect the images. -INON 28LD adpater for Canon WP-DC38 (S95, but it fits also in S100/S110) - USD 50.00 - 2 Macro lenses INON UCL-165 AD + AL/LD adpater - USD180.00 for lenses + adapter (free INON lens holder) The prices don´t include shipping costs. Peu Guerbas
  3. Hello, I´m Peu! I´m from Brazil!!! My english is not to good, but I have been read this forum for a long time. It helped me to buy my new gear.
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