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  1. Hi all, As per above - need YS01 and SMC ASAP. UK Based and would need somewhat snappy delivery.
  2. Thank you - came back from Sipadan yesterday gutted about not having had my camera with me but just the go pro will get onto this now and try divervision
  3. Hello, I have ended up in a somewhat peculiar situation and hope the forum members experience and wealth of knowledge can help me in sorting it out. I am currently on a long term trip in SEA and have developed an interest in UW Photo. Having done plenty of research I have purchased an RX100 II which seems to have been an ever so popular and celebrated options for travelling uw photographers (and a perfect companion to my a7ii which is unfortunately too expensive to house) I have however ran into an issue when my friend who had previously advised that he can get hold of a Nauticam housing for it is no longer able to do so. I am currently in Borneo but will be travelling between there, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket and Khao Lak in the next couple of weeks and was wondering if any of you might recommend stores in that area which might carry the now somewhat old mark 2 housing. Budget isn't too much of an issue so I wouldn't mind picking up any of the reputable brands but timing is somewhat sensitive so this is the main priority. Thanks in advance, A P.S. On an off chance, if there are 2nd hand options in the region I wouldn't mind picking those up either.
  4. Hi there, My name is Artem. Having developed an interest in diving over the past few months and being a keen above water photographer, I have now decided to make a natural transition to uw photography. This forum has proven to provide a wealth of information re uw photo for which I am extremely grateful and I am looking forward to actively participating in the community !
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