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  1. Is this the one that connects to the DS strobe bulkhead? If so I'm interested! -Rudi
  2. Looks like this already sold on ebay, correct?
  3. The D500 is an amazing camera. I love mine though I haven't taken it underwater yet. It responds like a pro-body which is not true for the D800. The D500 focuses faster, and responds faster in every way. The only downside is smaller file but given the generational improvement that might not be that significant. If you were comparing the D810 to the D500 that would be more of an issue.
  4. Hi -- I'm interested in the - Modular 2.75 inch Lens Extension (5510.11) please let me know if it's available and what your asking price is for it. Thanks! -Rudi
  5. I have an ikelite enclosure for the Sony RX100 III for sale in excellent condition along with spare o-rings. Selling because I upgraded to an enclosure for my Nikon D810. I'm asking $349.95 plus actual shipping costs and reimbursement for paypal fees. Photos available on request.
  6. I'd like to purchase a housing for the D810, first choice would be the Nautica, second choice is the Ikelite. Please contact me if you have one to sell -- I'm also open to renting one if you have one to rent out...
  7. I'm very interested, please let me know what it would cost me with shipping to California.
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