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  1. thank you, I will look into both adapter Regarding the overheating, I never had the issue because I never filmed anything over a minute per take so I don't have it, but I'm sure I will suffer the same issue when recording long take too.
  2. hello Thank you so much for the reply. I agreed that rx100 is the best choice in most area except the stabilization ability too. Can you recommend any good wide angle and macro wetlens that has the are very wide and has the least distortion for me? Thanks for the 5mins warning, I never have this problem above the ground but its something I should consider underwater : )
  3. Hello I just got into underwater videography. I own rx100 iv, gh4, a7s ii and could not decide which combo will give me the best wide angle results. (regarding underwater quality, cost, portability) -Sony's 16-35 is quite new so I could not get any review regarding lens quality, but the 28mm with WWL-1 adapter seems promising. What would be best lens for sony full frame camera? -The Panasonic 7-14 looks quite poor from the sample I have seen on the internet, especially below f8. Will bigger dome than 6" give better results? (However, anything bigger will step it into a7s territory in term of price and portability) -I have not done enough research on the rx100 wet lens yet but it looks like there are plenty to choose, even rectilinear adapter. Any recommendation is welcome. I primarily interested in 4k video and not still photography. --------From my research, here is what I think. Feel free to criticize------ Codec and Dynamic range on rx100 mark4 is almost on par with the big brother so rx100 was my top choice. However, image stabilization is not so great. a7s that lacks behind is portability and value for money really excels here. Thank you in advance for any input! Cheers
  4. Hello I specializd in photography but totally a newbie in underwater world. Hope that I can learn and share knowledge with eveyone here!
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