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  1. Thanks Wapiti - I had suspected that might be the case due to the complete lack of any Pen UW photographers discussing using this lens! 12-50mm purchased secondhand and I might pick up a 9-18mm to try if one comes along at a bargain price.
  2. Thanks bear35. - that's really helpful. do you know if the 12-40 will fit in that dome? Or rather what port do you use as I can't seem to find one that the 12-40 pro fits in for the PT-EP12
  3. Thanks for the response. I dive in the Red Sea as my other half is a PADI MI living out there. So it ranges from macro focused dives on the shallow reefs to going out for blue water big wall drift dives where we get oceanic white tips and stuff like that - little time for macro in those currents and conditions! So I should be able to on a dive by dive basis work out whether a 9-18mm or 60mm is best. A wet diopter isn't going to be possible with my current set up as the flat port with the Pt-EP12 won't fit the 60mm, hence buying the semi dome to fit everything.
  4. Thanks Craig - so with a 9-18mm and 60mm I should be ok without a more general lens in between?
  5. Olympus E-PL7 with PT-EP12 housing and AOI semi dome DLP-04 I already own the Olympus 60mm macro and have the 14-42mm from an old E-PL1 system with zoom gear (not tried this with the new port and housing yet - will it work ok?). I just sold my 14-42mm EZ that came with the E-PL7 as it won't fit in the new port and the port it goes with won't fit the 60mm... So...do I get: - 12-50mm EZ plus the cheaper zoom gear (that doesn't switch to macro) - 14-42mm II that works with this port (the older lens isn't listed as compatible...??) - 9-18mm (does my old zoom gear work with this?) I would like to have a lens for general shots and to try some WA - mostly for wreck dives/big pelegics and general dives where I know I won't have the time to concentrate on the kind of shots that would take setting up with the 60mm lens. So all I have to do is choose whether it's going to be a "little stuff" no rush dive or a "big stuff / general stuff" dive if that makes sense? Am I right that the 12-40 pro lens doesn't fit this dome? Kind of out of my budget anyway unless I find a second hand bargain but want to know if it's ruled out. Any other options I should consider?
  6. Yep also had a pm from taylorsink01 - sounded pretty suspicious given they only registered a day before and the wording they used...
  7. Thanks - I was hoping you might be in the UK. Bit too far for me to pay that kind of cash I'm afraid unless it was with a long established member of the forum with lots of trades behind them.
  8. How much were you wanting: A) for just the housing and standard port B) for the housing, standard port and dome port? And where abouts are you in the world?
  9. I'm liking the idea of the m5 mkII housing - sounds like this would take the 14-42mm, 60mm, 12-50mm kit lens and 9-18mm without the need to buy any other port and be maximum compatibility with my E-PL1 housing if I did buy any ports in the future. Idea is I dive with one set up whilst my boyfriend dives with the other... so mixing and matching would be quite useful. Unless I can find a good second hand deal on E-PL7 housing. What strobes best with the set up? Any recommendations?
  10. Hehe sounds like you and me are a perfect match Chris I could either sell you my E-PL7 if I decide to go for a EM1 or EM5 set up...or you could sell me your housing...
  11. Currently diving with an Olympus E-PL1. Plan is to keep this as a back up but invest in a new setup that I can still use same lenses with. I've got the 60mm so a housing that means I can use that without buying another port would be good. Options: 1) already got an E-PL7 body and pancake EZ 14-42mm I use out of the water so buy a Olympus housing for that (or sell this camera to put towards cost of 2-4) 2) get E-PL8 and housing (is this even out yet)? 3) OM-D EM1 camera and Olympus housing (bundle comes with a port that will fit both the kit lens and the 60mm 4) OM-D EM5 camera and Olympus housing Opinions as to which Olympus model sticks out as bang for bucks? Or should I be going for the Mark II models instead? I'd rather save for a bit longer and get something really worth the upgrade.
  12. bluep

    Is it safe?

    I bought through here (camera set up for about £500) but arranged to meet the seller at a coffee shop at a motorway service station halfway between us. It was a busy public place, I got to see the gear before handing over cash; he was a nice guy and talked me through the setup and quirks. Couldn't have been happier.
  13. Thanks UncaDon - don't think I have the cash to buy the whole lot at the moment - do you have the housing? That's the bit I want...can you let me know a breakdown of what you'd want for the different pieces. Just to be clear to anyone reading my wanted post, I already have an E-PL7 - and range of lenses (already in use with my E-PL1 full set up) so was looking primarily for the housing and then will add tray/arms/strobes as and when.
  14. Looking for this housing (preferably without the camera), happy to consider dome/tray/arm/camera sets. Let me know what you have, location and price.
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