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  1. Ok. That's as high as I can go so let me know if you decide you do want to sell
  2. I could stretch to 150 euros plus shipping to UK. Again it would be for a second back up rig as I have the same camera / housing.
  3. There's a zen WA-100 port up for sale on the Facebook group Buy and sell UWP equipment I was interested but don't have the spare cash at the moment!
  4. Is the 40-150 lens just for topside? Ie it doesn't fit in the housing or have zoom gear?
  5. Hehe we just need a seller now! I suspect it's probably sold on eBay or via another forum
  6. I'm still waiting for a response too Gregndc - the OP hasn't been back on the site since... Not sure why it's come up as Guest - this is bluep from the post above.
  7. Hi, interested in a wide angle bundle (which would leave you free to sell the macro bundle to WildFire above or someone else... Would like the following: 1 - Olympus E-pl5 (the newer one) 1 - Olympus PT-EP10 1 - Zen-WA-100 EP (Wide angle lens port and Neoprene port cover) 1 - Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 918mm f/4f/5.6 lens (fisheye) 1 - M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 1442mm f/3.5f/5.6L lenses 1 - Inon S2000 w/fiber optic sync cord (from what I can see this is the same fundamentally as the D-2000 but smaller, if for any reason you think the D-2000 offers something better for wide angle, let me know) Various zoom-gears matching the above lens. Some Extra o-rings for the camera and strobe (as matching above) SD card. The camera tray (minus the mount screw from what I can see?) Willing to offer $1200 including shipping to the UK.
  8. Hi if it's still available, I'm interested in the whole bundle. Willing to pay $350 including tracked postage to the UK (not sure where you are?).
  9. Likewise, let me know if you are interested in selling the 60mm and if so, at what price.
  10. I'm interested - whereabouts in the UK are you or how much would postage be within the UK? Can you PM me? Thanks
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