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  1. Nikon F80 and Sea & Sea YS90 for sale. do email me for the price.
  2. Being a company with B&H reputation. They did not contact me with regards to the price issue. They did not contact me with regards to the shipping issue. They only spotted it after i have called them. In all, I wasted 3 weeks on them , trying to get a simple thing like a housing. The refund has finally came in but i lost out due to the exchage rates. The joy of the trip and the agonising customer experience with them. It just spoilt the whole experience.
  3. I recently went online and purchase a F80 Housing from B&H web page. It was printed on the web page that it was selling at $1100+. 2 weeks later, i did not recieve the housing and call B&H up with regards to the housing. They indicated the price was wrongly published and should be $1900+. They ask if i want a refund. I indicate that i want an immediate refund. 2 days later, BH wrote and informed me the housing has been shipped to me at no additional cost. I was so happy about it but was once again given false hopes. The housing has been recalled and being shipped back to US. Netherless, I called BH to check what is the issue. BH indicated that they made a mistake a 2nd time. Beside that, they cant refund me the money till the housing reaches them. I am still waiting for my refund and have to search the local stalls for the housing. The excitment of going on the trip and testing the new housing has now been ruin. I do not none of you have the same bad experience as I have.
  4. I have a female Mares Aries BC for sale, used only once. looking at S$450.
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