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  1. 700.00 for the monitor and housing ....not diving and hate to let it sit around any longer
  2. Love this light and do not want to sell. Just not diving anymore. It is still for sale
  3. Still have these for sale great lights just not been diving lately
  4. edit to this post. I just pulled the boxes to these lights out. They are the vl5800p video lights not 7000. Been awhile and couldn't remember exactly what they were. They were 580 per light sold so buy one get one free in this post. They have a few scuffs and scratches as they have been to some very caves and wrecks but work great. Have extra battery for each as well
  5. I have a n100 macro port for my nauticam a7s camera. I used this 1 time as I mainly shot wide angle video and stills Here it is on backscatter https://www.bluewaterphotostore.com/nauticam-sony-90mm-port-37125?setCurrencyId=1&gclid=Cj0KCQjwkt6aBhDKARIsAAyeLJ1ykLbMV0MjnZxsUjrggZorlcFW0Bw3pBKl7vlER31SaUOhcN6gHPwaAlycEALw_wcB will sell for 400 plus shipping I also have the Sony 90mm 2.8 macro lens barely used always kept covered and with lens caps. Glass is in great shape. I would sell for 700.00 + shipping
  6. I have two 7500 lumen big blue video lights that are for sale. The have been on some deep adventures and never let me down. I also have two extra batteries that I will include as backups but I never really needed them even on long deep dives. They have some scuffs and scratches as would be expecting after many cave and wreck dives but still work great asking 600.00 plus shipping for both DSC03167.xmp
  7. I have a big blue 30k light for sale. works awesome. It has been to some amazing places but not diving right now and don't want to let it sit anymore. It has been to the jungles of Mexico and to some amazing deep wrecks below 300ft and it has always worked like it was supposed to... unless I forgot to plug to power cord in asking 700.00 plus shipping Selling other gear as well including my nauticam rig for a sony A-7s Really hate to let go but I am not getting in the water any time soon
  8. I Have 2 inon z240 type2 strobes for sales always worked great. Unfortunately I have not been diving lately due to other ventures. Finally decided I am selling my loved camera rig so that it gets used like it should. Asking 500 for both
  9. I have a Ninja 2 and Dive and sea housing I am selling. Works great I am just not diving at the moment. I hate to see it sit and would like it to get used. I had it on my sony A-7s and Nauticam rig and it worked excellent for video as well as stills. Selling for $1,000 for the monitor and housing here it is listed at backscatter just the housing. https://www.backscatter.com/Dive-and-See-DNC-N-Atomos-Ninjs-2-Underwater-Housing I will be listing other items such as my nauticam NA-A7 for sony a7 family as well as z-240s arms ports etc
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