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  1. Have the ikelite housing for Sony a7rii along with 8 inch dome port, port extension 5510.24, ikelite port extension 75020 and flat port. Also included ikelite zoom sleeve 5509.28. Selling a union-z240 type 4 and ikelite cord. only used this system twice every thing is in good condition. would like to sell as a package but will sell the flash separate. ikelite housing package- $1700 inon-z240 $300 buyer pays shipping and PayPal fees Pics on Dropbox https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zacnbrlwelx3gq4/AAAXsZvmuikSx-GrCuNjMOhPa?dl=0
  2. So I went diving for the first time with my new rig, sony a7rii 28mm with 16mm conversion Ikelite housing no flash as I couldn't get my Inon z240 to work (think I have it working now). Not the best of images finding that underwater is going to be a lot harder than I thought. But can't wait to get out and do it again. Thanks everyone on the site for all the help so far.
  3. Thanks for the info was a big help, was able to determine that the flash works. Must be a bad/loose connection somewhere. Went out yesterday for my first dive with it. Got the flash to work on the boat but once in the water couldn't get it to trigger. Going to look at all the cables and figure out where the problem is.
  4. Ok so I'm completely new to underwater photography so this might be/ I hope it is something I'm doing wrong. I have a sony a7rii with ikelite housing, and i just purchased a used inon z240. I purchased the cable from ikelite and when I connect it all the flash doesn't go off I have the flash turned on and flash on the camera all set to manually. The only flash that comes on is the modeling light. Is there a setting I have to turn on?
  5. So I recently purchased a sony a7rii and an ikelite housing. I now need a couple of strobes to go with this setup, but not sure which ones to get and also which ones will work with ikelite housing. I know that ikelite strobes will but they are a little more than I want to pay plus I would prefer small strobes for traveling. Will the inon z240 work or anyone have any other suggestion strobes to use. Thanks Paul
  6. This has always been a dream trip wish I could good!! Was supposed to last year but the hurricanes made me change all my plans, look forward to all the pics.
  7. Wow!!!! This isn't super cool. I'm about to purchase a Sony a7rii may I ask what kind of setup you were using (lens, strobes?) thanks
  8. Ok so I'm getting my first underwater camera system, and I'm still deciding on lots of things. Right now I'm trying to decide on which type and brand of lighting, I know there is going to be lots of options. So to begin I'm will be shooting with a Sony a7rii with a wide lens like a 16-35 f/4 and adding macro as soon as the budget allows. I think I want to get continues lighting instead of strobes since I'll be shooting both photos and lots of videos but if someone has a setup they suggest with both I'm open to ideas (was looking at the likelite ds161). Next question is going to be about my budget. I'm hoping to get two lights and I know the more you spend the better you get but I'm not made of money yet,lol so I think my budget is somewhere in the 500 to 800 range and will definitely be looking for used gear when and where I can find it. Thanks Paul
  9. Hi everyone I've been shooting landscape and wildlife for years and looking to get my first underwater system. I'm looking to purchase a sony a7ii and a wide angel lens. With this I'd like two get a two strobe setup been reading and trying to decide on which strobes to go with, but my question is what I should be looking for with strobe arms and mounts? Not sure which brand? Type? Length? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks Paul
  10. was wondering if you still had the housing for sale? if so shoot my and email paulandersonphoto@yahoo.com
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