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  1. Price: $595.00 Payment method: PayPal Item condition: 9+ Shows little or no signs of wear Shipping instructions: CONUS ONLY via USPS Priority Mail Mint Condition. Very little use and works/focuses perfectly. Glass is flawless. No Case, but box, caps and Instruction book included. BIG BONUS >>> I have added the "Olympus Modification." This is the addition of a filter holder (from the Panny 8mm Fisheye), to the rear of the lens in order to add a gel filter. This helps eliminate the occasional, known issue of purple fringing or purple blobs when used on some OLY cameras. (Not an issue on Panny cameras) The holder and filter are visible in the photos and obviously, you can insert or remove the filters easily. Right now I have the Kodak Wratten 2E Filter inserted, which is a slight bit too yellow, but can be corrected for. The recommended filter is the 2A. A bit hard to find, but often available on eBay or other forums. Great Lens, but I decided to get the OLY f/2.8 7-14 instead. If you want more info on the purple fringing problem, and how well the filter works, you can read this: http://alanwatsonforster.org/writing/mft-purple.html
  2. Used Panasonic 8mm fisheye with caps & pouch (no box) $350 shipped to CONUS. Lens is in excellent condition. Glass is perfect. Just a couple extremely minor scuffs on the cap and one side of the lens as shown (on 0.1/0.33ft marking). Selling lens because I just got the Oly f/1.8 fisheye, and can't see keeping both. First time selling here, but lots of all positive feedback on eBay under username Carvemeister1: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=carvemeister1&ftab=AllFeedback&myworld=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2050430.m2531.l4585
  3. Ok, so you're saying the Precision 100mm or the Zen-DP-100-EP08 (100mm for OM-D) dome which was designed for the smaller Panasonic fisheye would be better used with an extension to fit the longer Oly 1.8 fisheye vs. using a 132mm dome such as the INON or the 148mm Olympus which were designed specifically for the Oly fisheye? I'm not sure I understand why. Is there an optical advantage to the smaller dome? Or is it just the ability to use the 8mm Panny as well? I actually do have both fisheyes, but planned to sell the Panasonic since I got the OLY - figured there was no reason to keep both. Obviously, I have no idea about these things. All I know for now is above water. Appreciate any further clarification before I do buy a dome, especially considering the low price on the glass INON dome. Thanks! (btw - I goofed on the empty post above and tried to delete it. Can't find any Delete function though. Is there one?)
  4. Thanks for the replies! That helps quite a bit. Sounds like the INON dome quality should be fine if I decide to get one, especially considering the substantially lower price for the smaller dome. I hadn't thought about the 170mm dome, so now you have me thinking. Its good to know that works with the 12-40, which I have and would love to use at some point. Although the overall cost would be quite a bit more with the adapter and extension(s). I don't plan on getting the OLY 7-14, because I already have the Panasonic 7-14. I imagine there would be some way to use that in the larger dome as well. However, I can already use my 9-18 in my standard PPO-EP01, so maybe the 7-14 isn't that necessary. I dunno....probably go the cheap route with the small dome, enjoy the Oly Pro Fisheye and leave it at that. I haven't even taken my first shot underwater yet, for crying out loud, so who am I kidding anyhow? What the hell, I'm not even that good at diving yet! I also have to fly to get to most diving spots, so weight and bulk matter a lot. I guess I'll pull the trigger on something as soon as I get back from my ski trip to Steamboat and see how much money I have left over!
  5. Beginner here, but longtime photographer just putting together my first rig and yet to get a camera wet underwater. But I'm going in pretty heavy (more than I expected). I'm using my E-M5 in an OLY PT-EP08 housing. I have 1 Z-240 to start with, tray & arms. Have the 12-50 with a PPO-EP01 port for starters. I also have the OLY 8mm 1.8 fisheye which I'd love to use as well. Question is, has anyone used the INON dome specifically designed for the 1.8 fisheye? If not, how is the quality of INON domes in general? Obviously, the OLY PPO-EP02 would probably be the best optically since it's made by a Lens company, but the price is pretty steep. It seems the INON dome port, which is just a few mm smaller (132x78 vs 148x91) and nearly half the weight (453g vs 700g) is also "multi-coated optical glass." It's half the price as well (vs. Japan ebay), here: http://www.divervision.com/inon-dome-port-olympus-ep02-for-olympus-m-zuiko-8mm-fisheye-pro-om-d-mount-456212143811.html?language=en&currency=USD&gclid=Cj0KEQiA_MK0BRDQsf_bsZS-_OIBEiQADPf--ovbf6nrNeFZRdN37aiMTCh8X9t9mLiO_lj8C0FhYsEaAoHT8P8HAQ So, I'm just wondering if the INON might be worth a shot and if anyone has used their domes? Thanks! Don
  6. Thanks! I guess that looks about right. Not a bad price either. I'll contact Bluewater to confirm that.
  7. Quick question - Just jumped into my first U/W camera setup after finding a very cheap PT-EP08 for my "backup" camera the E-M5. (I also have the E-M1, but not ready to dunk that just yet). I decided to take a shot on the Z-240 from a Japanese dealer on eBay. Just realized though that I have no idea what kind of cable will be required to connect these two. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Thanks!!
  8. Hello fellow divers! I'm somewhat new to diving. I got Open Water certified in 1975 by NAUI, but couldn't really afford the sport at age 20, so I dropped out only to pick it back up 2 years ago at age 58! Now have my Rescue Diver card. I live on Long Island, NY, and aside from the training and some Quarry dives around the east coast and in Lake Pleasant, AZ., haven't had much time for the real fun stuff. However, I did get in some wreck dives in the St. Lawrence River, and recently in Hawaii - my first tropical dives. I'm hooked and just getting into some photography now. Photography has been a lifelong passion, mostly for skiing and travel, so now I have to learn the basics of underwater shooting. I've been an Olympus mirrorless guy for a few years now. Have the E-M1, but will be taking my backup E-M5 under with me until I know what I'm doing. I just picked up the OLY Housing for the E-M5, super cheap, so that's my starting point. Looking forward to being here to learn and share my newest hobby! ~Don a.k.a. SkiSwami (my first and lifetime addiction)
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