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  1. Hello, I have exactly the same problem. My DS 161 have two years, and I used it a hundred times or less. And I do have the same symptoms as you. It only charge 30 minutes, the strobes itself says it's fully charge, but after 10 lights, nothing at all. I regret not to have choose the cheaper inon Z240 with work with standard battery. (at least, I have my DS 51). I get the battery out of the strobe. The li-on battery seems easy to replace at first sight but I went to a battery store telling me that this is shi*. Underwater device use lowcost battery and moreover, li-on are explosif battery difficult to manipulate. This specialized store won't touch to that at all. And the battery have a special size, and ordering only six of them will cost too much. So I have to buy a new one, and I think this is done on purpose. I'll go with Ni-mh battery, cheaper, and I don't care about charging it after each dive. If you have other advice. Emeric
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