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  1. Hi, I would like to buy! Does the back have the removable viewfinder that allows for installation of the Aquaview? Thanks Steve
  2. Hi Eric, You might also want to check out Bandito Charters http://www.banditocharters.com/bandito/index.htm They are based in Anacortes, but service Friday Harbor. They have connections there for air fills. I usually launch out of Anacortes and overnight at Friday Harbor. I have done a couple charters with Kurt and he knows the area well. They have cool hats too. Steve B P.S. Let me know if you need another diver. I am in Portland, but would jump at running up to dive the San Juans. :-)
  3. Nice shot on the kelp greenling. That is a tough one to get. They are usually quite skittish! Steve B
  4. Hi PRC, I have encountered the same problem. Ike clamps don't work well with TLC arms. Get the TLC clamps, at least for the base and arm joint. I still use the Ike clamp for the top connection to the strobe ball, because there is less force there. TLC clamps will work well with the Ike or TLC arms. Steve B
  5. Hi Mkquesnel, I have one of those magnifiers. It has never been wet. I'll sell it to you for $30. Plus postage. I was going to put it on ebay. I can send you a pic if you want. Let me know if you are interested. I am in Portland OR. Steve B
  6. Hi Bruce, Try contacting Dan Tyrpak at Aquatic Camera 503-708-0242. He showed me one he was developing a few months back and he may be able to hook you up. Tell him Steve Billings sent you.
  7. Hi Alex, I consider Alaska better than average for an airline. Service is good and I have never lost luggage. I cannot tell you they will be cheapest on any given date, but they are certainly competitive and I would be willing to pay a couple extra bucks for the better, more friendly service. Hope that helps, Steven Billings
  8. Hi fdog, Sounds really great. Nice to see some fresh ideas. What kind of $$? Also do the seals and zips loook like they are replacable? Are the knees reinforced ( I don't see polar bears ) or can they be? I will watch for one of these to show up at the LDS. Thanks SB
  9. Hi Dan, I can't think of a work-around for what you want to do, but I prefer to keep the AF on the center spot and change the AF control from the shutter button to the star button on the rear. This is done in the menu. With this, I can center the subject I want to focus and get a lock with the star button, then frame. Also I use manual focus quite a bit. Steve B
  10. Nope, its a photoshop according to Snopes. http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/scubashark.asp SB
  11. Here's a little follow up to the story. Captain's tired of waiting to kill whales, cause its in his blood. Hope he enjoys the $25k fine. http://www.kgw.com/news-local/stories/kgw_...t.bda6266d.html Steve B
  12. Anyone have a housing for a Olympus SP-350 you are willing to part with? I am making a trip to the Great Lakes in a few weeks and would like to have a point and shoot for the dives. Thanks Steve B
  13. A couple of my favorites for underwater slide shows Blue October - Into the Ocean Jamie Cullum - All at Sea Steve B
  14. Hey Todd, I haven't seen that adapter on Aquatica's website. Can you give me a part number or location to take a look? Thanks Steve B
  15. I heard on a radio report that vodka flavored beverage was also involved. Steve B
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