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  1. Hello I am a new member and just wanted to introduce myself. https://www.flickr.com/photos/remylaguerre/albums
  2. My estimations with the FujiS2 @ Iso100 / 1m: Underwater GN of 625 => ±22 Underwater GN of 250 => ±16 When I used both strobes together (625 + 250) I mostly switched the 625 to TTL2 which reduces this strobe to 125Ws.
  3. Hi, A few years ago I used the Hartenberger 625TTL and 250 hs TTL with a Fuji S2 pro in a Subal housing and was very satisfied with the quality of Hartenberger. I switched to Seacam D800 with 2x Seaflash 150 but my wife is still using the Hartenberger 625 with the Fuji S2. (analog TTL) For information I am selling the Hartenberger 250 hs TTL with 2 reflectors 4500K and 5000K for 900€ because we have to many strobes . see link below http://www.plongeur.com/scuba-deal/showproduct.php?product=21257 Remy
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