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  1. New register to this forum, but have lurked from time to time over the years. I'm a commercial director of photography based in Arkansas who dives regularly for pleasure and occasionally gets to film underwater for my work. For anyone who may be interested, my reel with some underwater work is at www.mattjeppsen.com/reel
  2. I shoot with the FS7 regularly for commercial work (non-underwater work, that is), and based on those experiences with the camera I feel confident that it would be at home in the water. The 10-bit color for internal recording should render clean gradients with no banding artifacts. It's a stellar camera image, as long as you can work around the slow menus and other setup annoyances. I just purchased a 10m bag for the FS7 to use on a few January projects in shallow depths. I will likely shoot with the FS7's LC709-TypeA MLUT applied, or Slog3. At that depth, probably no need for a red filter.
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