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  1. interesting. I found some steps a while back fo removing the incorrect tinting of underwater pictures. I'll post the steps once I locate them again.
  2. I see a product here on the form listed thats for working with RAW files. I'm wondering if anyone has compared it to Bibble Labs product. I have a full version of the Bibble Labs software and find it very nice to work with, Quite a bit better than Nikon Capture, which I also have a full version of. A Link to bibble labs is here Bibble Labs Another product that some might find very usefull is Neat Image. It removes noise from pictures and is great for working with DARK pictures. A Link to it's below. Neat Image Also, anyone working with Adobe Photoshop CS2? Is it worth the upgrage from CS if so why? I understand it has better RAW support but, if you own one of these other products then do you really need it?
  3. Been reading posts. Really a lot of good information here. I agree with the DAN insurance. Been a DAN member for a couple years and it's as important as air in my book... ok airs a little more important but you get my point. I have not had to use my DAN yet.. but you only ever need to use it once to really understand how important it is. A buddy of mine sank a camcorder setup, vx2000. expensive to loose... he hit it on a rock underwater just right a dented where a seal was and flooded the case. But his DAN insurance took care of him. you may be right. The D2X is an unbelivable camera. I should just house it and sell off my d100 and the sb80 flash I have. Anyone want to let me trade it towards the purchase of a housing for the d2X?
  4. Hello Wetpixel. I'm new to this forum, having been tolded about it after talking to someone on Ebay about a used housing for one of my cameras. I just wanted to do a little note to say hi. A little about myself. I'm a self taught photographer. I shoot with a D2X, A D100 and Sometimes even a Canon S500 with an underwater case. To date all my underwater shots have been done using the Little Canon S500 but I'm retiring my D100 and a Sb80 flash and going to convert them to full time underwater use. In diving I have been a few places, Bonair, Aruba, FL Keys, Norfolk, Etc. Certified Dreggar Rebreathers, Drysuit and more.... HAve about 400 Dives. A low number I'm sure to most veterans. I'm interested in learing more about underwater photography and learning the best way to take my d100 and set it up for this use. I shoot photos of everything from Feature films to fetish events and everything in between. I find photography to be a very rewarding past time. Thats the quick downlow!
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