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  1. Hi all, I currently have a EM5 mk ii with a nauticam housing and a 60mm macro lens in a 65mm port . I plan to try out some extension rings such as a 10mm and 16mm (sometimes stacked or sometimes seperate ) . I am considering to purchase the nauticam mini extension ring , but it comes in two sizes, the 20mm and the 30mm. The question I have is : can I buy the 30MM extension nauticam ring and use it with a short 100 extension tube ? that would mean that the end of the lense would be about 20mm from the port glass any side effects ? Also for those who would suggest a diopter, I am already using a SMC sometimes stacked with a +10 Al just looking for a way to get more on super macro subjects thanks neil
  2. Hi , Am Neil, am based out of Manila in the philippines and am a macro lover ....
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