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  1. That will be nice as that Tamron is an awesome lens. Ikelite do tend not to be very informative about this subject. There are a couple of lenses which they say are not compatible with their systems but people went around very easily namely the Canon 16-35 F2.8 and the Sigma 17-70 OS HSM. The letter works perfectly if you just attach a couple of Velcro to the focus ring included in the housing and the port used is the same one used for the non OS HSM lens.


    Frankly I found Velcro to be a better in some cases than the spring sleeves they provide. I found it more practical at times.

  2. Hi to all,


    I'm investing in my first supermacro wet lens. I have 2 macro lenses, Canon 60mm F2.8 macro and Tokina 100mm F2.8 Macro Pro. Some that Subsee gives sharper images and easier to focus, others say that it is heavy compared to Aquakos. Aquakos are cheaper and lighter and there are those who vouch for them. Anyone had experience with both?


    If I go what Aquako, what do you suggest iii or iv?

  3. Dear All,


    We started this petition and hoping you as fellow divers may give us some help. This idea is to put to rest HMS Illustrious in warm blue clear waters which apart from the legacy and its history, the reach from all divers around the world to dive it safely and in a safe country.





    Please copy link and sign.



    Thank you.

  4. Hi,


    Has anyone ever tried to get the Nikon 14-24mm F2.8 in an Ikelite setting. Im on my way to upgrade to Full Frame and considering lenses and this seems to be the best Nikon wide angle underwater but it is not listed on the Ikelite Port Chart. I know that some of you guys improvise a way to get what the manufacturers don't sometimes so I will be holding to your answers. Thanks.

  5. Hi,


    On my recent trip to Komodo I had an accident where my Ikelite housing for Canon 600D got flooded. It was an accident after I hit the port lock with the boat. My 8 inch dome port hood cracked but miraculously the glass part remained intact. Camera and Lens gone. I had a Tokina 10-17mm. Obviously I bought again both Camera and lens after the trip. I had a Sony NEX 5N complete with housing which saved my trip.


    After I dried everything in hotel and thoroughly cleaned the housing I tested the TTL circuitry. It worked as lights on housing were on. I detached the cords and packed it neatly. When I came back I reassembled my gear after buying camera and lens. TTL lights stayed off. When I put the sync cord in housing terminal one of my DS51 starts flashing at its own will and its red light starts to dim. A friend of mine is telling that it might be the sync cord and has nothing to do with the flooding. I will try another sync cord this week and in the even it does the same than its from the housing TTL circuitry and will ship it for service. Please advice.


    Another issue I have is the viewfinder which has mildly smoked up and need a cleaning. Can be taken of with a butter knife and unscrewing it from housing but cannot be reached for cleaning in the insides. If I take it off again and soak it in warm water and soap or glass cleaner, will it be a good idea? Please advice.






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