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  1. Fixed! I got the blue cable and it works perfectly. Thanks everyone.
  2. I have just checked another post and this problem may point to the sync cord. I am using the one I used for the old ev controller - it has a black ribbon on it. Aparantly the new ones have a blue ribbon round them. The strobe also now seems to fire when I take a picture - but a very small flash. It then reverts back to the constant bleeping....
  3. Hello, I have got a DS215 strobe that I used to use with my 300D Ikelite housing with an EV controller. This worked perfectly well. I now have a 350D housing with the new Ikelite housing with TTL circuitry. The problem is that the strobe refuses to work when the strobe is set to TTL. It works fine when the strobe is set to FULL or any other setting. I have checked that the setting on the underside of the housing is set to DS125 too. When I turn the strobe and camera on and set the strobe to TTL the strobe emits a constant bleep-bleep-bleep sound and will not stop until I set the strobe to FULL. The strobe serial number is 3367 so as far as I know it should work with the Ikelite TTL electronics. Has anyone else had this problem or know what it is? Any help would be greatfully received as I am going to Western Australia diving in 10 days! Thanks, Rob
  4. Am I correct in thinking if I shoot in RAW I do not need to use a red colour correction filter? Surely I can just adjust the colour temperature when I edit the photo? Or is there more to it than that? I have always shot in JPEG and used a filter, but have recently started playing with RAW on land and would like to try it underwater. I always had a problem when going deeper (20m+) with a filter as my camera (300D back then) refused to focus because it was too dark. I am now about to get a Ikelite housing for my 350D with my DS125 strobe. So my question is this: when not using the strobe (ie shallow water) is there any point in using a CC filter? If I do use a strobe is it alwayes best to never use a CC filter anyway? Thanks, Rob
  5. Hello, I have a 350D and am about to get a Ikelite housing for it. I also have a 17-85mm lens but have been told that Ikelite cannot make the ports fast enough to keep up with demand? I am going to Western Australia in a month and kind of need a port fast! As I can see on this forum, a wide angle lens is recommended over something like a 17-85 and I prefere to take landscape/wreck shots anyway. So what Canon lens would you recommend? I also have a 60mm EF-S lens and so will be getting a 5502 port anyway, so if the wide angle will fit in this then it would be great. Cheers, Rob
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