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  1. These flash guns are still available.
  2. If you own a LSD for other flash gun system, I can offer the mounting module for free with the above. I have the mount module that's optimal for the prime/pro so it's really no use for now. It's just taking up space.
  3. I have a pair of Retra original flashes for sale. These are surplus to requirement as I now have some Retra Pro Xs. Included are wide angle and white diffusers. The Wide angle diffuser is designed for all types of wide angle photography in blue waters. White diffuser is especially suited to green water dives or situations with high chance for backscatter. Disclaimer Unfortunately one of the strobes has a dent (see in pic). Both strobes have been to Retra UWT in Slovenia for servicing (I can provide records). The one with the dent had its charging circuit replaced. $1200 USD/set + shipping I'm based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. If you live close-by then I arrange pick-up. I prefer to sell them as a set but I open to selling sell individually. Neil
  4. I also had a similar problem with my original Retras and most occasions the pilot light was actually off. Turning the problem strobe OFF and then to M again solved the problem underwater but it was annoying that the problem could spoil some shots. Anyway I don't use them anymore as I've upgraded to the Pro Xs. I would like to sell my originals but of course, I don't wish to pass on this issue onto someone else.
  5. Price reduced to 30 euros. Limited market for this, I guess.
  6. I'm selling my mounting module for the original Retra Flash for 40 euros as I now have Retra Pro Xs. You'll still need the "barrel" part of a Reta LSD to make it a complete unit.
  7. This is no longer for sale as I got a Nauticam adapter for this dome.
  8. I'm no longer in need for this adapter as I was able to get one from Scubapix.
  9. Does anyone have a Nauticam adaptor for Ikelite #5510.45 8 inch dome port that they're willing to sell? Unfortunately they're a discontinued product and I thought I try my luck here.
  10. I'm selling various components of my Ikelite system, including this macro flat port combination flat port and extension, as I moved onto Nauticam. This comes in two parts: The Flat Front- https://www.ikelite.com/products/fl-modular-flat-front The extension: https://www.ikelite.com/products/fl-port-extension-for-lenses-up-to-3-5-inches These are compatible with the old Ikelite "Four Lock (FL)" system. I have no idea whether they work they work with the newer Dry Lock systems. You need to check with an Ikelite retailer or Ikelite itself. Unfortunately the port and extension stuck are together. I broke a strap wench trying to get the stupid things apart. It will work withCanon 60 mm f/2.8 EF-S Macro. Check with the FL chart for other lens. https://docs.ikelite.com/reference/port-chart-fl-system.pdf $AUD 200. Postage at buyers expense.
  11. I've decided to sell my Ikelite dome port. See the classifieds in the Forum.
  12. I'm selling various components of my Ikelite system, including this dome port, as I moved onto to Nauticam. It's compatible with the older Ikelite Four-Lock (FL) system but you need to check with an Ikelite retailer or Ikelite itself to see whether it works with the newer DL or DLM systems. IT NEEDS A PORT EXTENSION. Here's the chart to look up the extension you need for your lens brand/model. https://docs.ikelite.com/reference/port-chart-fl-system.pdf I'm selling this for $AUD 380. Postage at buyer's expense.
  13. Hi, I still have Ikelite accessories I no longer use, as I moved to Nauticam, including a 5510.45 8 inch Dome Port. I want to use the dome port with a Canon 10-22 mm f/3.5-4.5 USM with a 7D mk ii so that I can take over-under shots assuming I can still source the 5510.22 extension , Nauticam N120 Port Adapter for Ikelite Ports and zoom gear. Does anyone have a similar setup? Does it work well? Or should I just get the Nauticam 8.5 inch dome port + appropriate extension? Thanks
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