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  1. Thank you both. I was able to get both of these strobes for less than $100. I only get to dive once a year or once every other year, so I can't justify the $1000 price tag of the newer ikelite strobes. I have tried the camera in manual mode and the flash in what I think is manual mode. On the strobe there is a M T S dial. Am I correct in assuming that it is Manual TTL and S? I tried it on each of those settings while always having the camera in Manual exposure mode and it didn't seem to have any effect. I don't know if there is a way to change my cameras flash setting to manual. I know there is flash compensation controls, but as soon as I have the hotshoe connection on, I can't make a lot of those changes, I'm guessing because it realizes that TTL is possible. I really do appreciate both of your help. It is going to suck if I just can't use the 100 strobe. I don't have time for this trip, but I guess I can look at getting an optical slave for it like the A35.
  2. Hello everyone and anyone, I am desperately in need of assistance. I have been shooting underwater for years, but not with strobes. I have a trip coming up very soon and I have purchased an old Ikelite Substrobe 100 and an A35. The A35 I realize is only optical, not a problem. I purchased a used cord for the Ikelite 100 to connect to my Canon G12's Ikelite housing and it won't fire through the hotshoe connection. I have gone through troubleshooting everything I can think of. I tested the cord, and it will fire the strobe. I have even put the hotshoe connection on my 5dmk3, and it will fire the strobe. It is just the G12 that isn't firing the strobe. I'm praying that someone has had this or a similar problem and knows what I'm doing wrong, or what needs to be done to fix it. Below are some other things I have tried. Cord works at both ends, and strobe can be triggered all the way into the case. Tested using a paper clip and touching the correct terminals. So, connections are good all the way from the flash to the inside of the housing. I read things that suggested that some older strobes can't do ttl. So, I wondered if that was the problem and they suggested placing electrical tape over the connective parts and seeing if that works. I couldn't get that to work. I may be taping off the wrong parts or that may not be the issue. My canon G12 hotshoe works fine. I can place a Canon 600 EX-RT on top of it and it fires fine. (The nice camera and flash are my work equipment, not mine. If I could afford all of that, I could probably afford new strobes rather than old used ones. ) If anyone has any advice at all, I greatly appreciate it. If I can't get this to work, then I may have to just rig up something to block the on camera flash and try to just use the A35. If the Substrobe 100 is not compatible for some reason, is there a way to remove the port from that and attach it where the optical port is on the A35? Thanks in advance!!! Aaron
  3. Hello all, My name is Aaron. I'm a commercial photographer in the Kansas City, Missouri, USA area who has been working professionally for 11 years. I started shooting underwater pretty much immediately when I got my certification back in 2000. It was film then with no strobe. Then I got a cheap strobe that didn't last. Next I upgraded to digital Canon A80 with Canon housing no strobe. I finally upgraded to a Canon G12 with an Ikelite housing. Great camera and housing. Recently I purchased two old ikelite strobes that I am hoping to try out on an upcoming trip. I love underwater photography because as an educated Commercial photographer, it is the closest thing I have found to be back to the basics of photography and learning. It is a whole new world. And it is a beautiful world I enjoy trying to capture and share. I have gotten what I would consider some amazing photos from my trips and trials of underwater photo, but I want to take it to the next level. I'm one day hoping for a housing for my 5d mk3, but am considering mirrorless too as to keep things more compact. I really need some help with some trouble I am having with my strobe not firing.
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