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  1. Triggerfish Thanks for posting the photos of your set-up! Nice work! In case you are interested ...an idea came to me the other night on how to secure the lights from getting lost in a wreck or strong current situation ...since loc-line could potentially separate with an impact and the light would be lost. OLD IDEA: In the past I simply tied a nylon line from the light to the camera housing and fastened the tether line to the loc-line in two or three spots with 'ties'. This worked OK , but wasn't very safe (DIR) since the exposed line could get get tangled on something... REVISED IDEA: Drill a hole on the loc-line fitting closest to the top and bottom mounting adapters. Feed the tether line through the INSIDE of the loc-line and the exposed ends to the light and the housing ...DIR, simple, cleaner lines! What do you think, heh? Einstein always promoted, "from chaos create simplicity" Bill
  2. If it is of any help to anyone... I have made a 'cup' type diffuser for a Sea & Sea YS-60 strobe from the bottom portion of a Rubbermaid #2 storage container (about the size of 1 cup) was cut down to be only about 1" deep. I punched a couple holes at what would be the 'top' edge of the 'cup' (one on either side) and fastened a piece of 3/16 surgical tubing like an elastic on a halloween mask.To use it ...slip the'cup' diffuser over the business end of the strobe and hold in place by stretching the tubing over the back of the strobe. If I didn't need the diffuser while shooting it would easily pop off the front of the strobe and could be hung by the tubing by hooking it to anything handy ...often I just slippedit over my wrist. I like the ideas expressed on the board! To diffuse my already soft twin 44 LEDs I think I will try the ole' milk jug plastic inside the lens cover... Thanks!
  3. Triggerfish I would love to see a couple pix of your creation if it isn't too much trouble! Bill Bill@DeepThinkers.us
  4. I decided to call Sony today... It took tech about 30 minutes, but I finally was told that the maximum is 1GB. They just haven't bothered to post an update on the Sony site. Thought I would post it here to save someone else the trouble. Bill
  5. I use the above Sony in a USVH housing for underwater. Since bracketing my stills consumes 3x the memory, I wanted to increase my storage cabability. I ordered the 1 Gig MemoryStick at a great price ...then when I looked through my Sony manual it said the MAX was 512Mb MemoryStick??? QUESTIONS: 1) Can I still use the 1Gig and get full storage capability from it? 2) Will I harm my camera if I attempt to use the 1Gig? 3) Should I return the 1Gig for a 512Mb? 4) Was 512 Mb the largest made when the 350 manual was printed ...or what? Thanks for any help! Bill Robison Bill@DeepThinkers.us
  6. Dave Thanks for your comments! I took a look at your link then zoomed on the Fantasea adapter. Slick application! Questions: >> Appears you used 1/2" Loc-Line and mine is 3/4" ...do you think that with the larger size I will still have a good mating surface with the light? >> Do you find that 1/2" has enough friction with these lights ...even if I'm the flex arm is 12" Unrelated: Have you used the Fantasea 44LED with still or video? any advice on white balance, filters diffusers, etc. considering their 6,100k output? Any photo samples using this light? I just got two to mount on my housing, but haven't gotten them wet yet. Again thanks for you help! Bill
  7. I'm putting out a 'feeler' to see if any of you have experimented with fabricating various means for attaching 'things' to 3/4" flexible Loc-Line, e.g. lights, strobes, etc. I previuosly had a YS-60 strobe mounted to MM II EX via Loc-Line and it is adaptable, light and easy to travel with. I recently purchased two Fantasea 44LED lights to mount on my vid housing to use for macro fill and to aid in autofocus in very low light situations. I have a few feet of Loc-Line so I hesitate to spend $70-80 for the 'ready made' arms offered by the company. Besides I asked the company to send me a couple of the top adapters (no order number) ...they said they don't sell them separately. I have attached a photo ...only need to make the top piece. Problem: how to attach a light to the flex Loc-Line? The light has a single 'tab' attached which is drilled with a bolt hole. The Loc-Line is terminated in apprx. 3/4" hole. How can the two be jointed/secured with a SS bolt? Appreciate any ideas! Bill Robison BTW I'm a new member but have visited many times in the past.
  8. DIY? ...I can easily see why we may want to locate an inexpensive source for the pellet material for use in our special projects involving batteries. Besides ...DIYers as a group like to think in a creative way about *anything* Bill
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