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  1. Thanks for the help. I appreciate your willingness to pass on your experience! Regards, Dan www.chesapeakebaydiving.com
  2. Interesting Information. Thanks! So in A mode, what do you have the shutter speed set at? I typically use manual mode, set the f-stop to about 7 and the shutter around 1/200. Had the f-stop set at about 5.6 before per a suggestion and never got good flash fill with the TTL. Seems that the image had sufficient ambient light. Setting the f stop higher helped to get better illumination with the strobes and darkened the back ground a bit. A pro told me that he uses a light meter to get the ambient settings for the camera then sets the 125s to about 3/4 power and is good at 4 feet with a wide angle. Thanks Again. Dan
  3. I'm considering an E-330 as well and wondered how well the auto focus performed on night dives. Currently using the Oly C7070, dual Ds-125s and the Ike TTL flat port housing - and like most autofocus systems - it doesn't work well in low light situations. The modeling light in the DS125 isn't enough in most cases. A UK Light Cannon helps alot! Is the Custom 4400K setting availabel as a default or did you white balance off of a 4400K lightsource and white card - then store it? thanks Dan
  4. Can anyone recommend an on retailer that they have spent $2000+ with. I'm buying a Sony VX2100. Checked all of the board sponsors and none sell it. thx Dan
  5. Hi all, I reviewed the previos thread regarding the choice of 3 ccd cameras. I have some additional questions as that thread is over a year old. Looking at Sonys (if order of preference???) TRV950 (If I can find one new) (MiniDV) VX2100 (mini DV) PDX10 (DV Cam) Both the 10 and 950 are 7 lux chips versus the vx2100 1 lux. All three can be manually WB'ed. That's why I ruled out the HC1000 as I'm going with a mechanical housing (Ike). Apparently the 16:9 aspect mode is best in the 10 (more horizontal pixels than 2100). Some cameras simply crop the top and bottom off to get the 16:9 AR. The 10 and 2100 are about the same prce and the 950s can be found for less. thx Dan
  6. HI All, What are the quality trade offs for the following configurations: dome port with internal WA lens (best? but looses some zoom) flat port with internal WA (OK for macro with WA lens removed but may vignett at widest zoom) Flat port with external WA lens (prone to distortion on edges especially when shooting close- my experience anyway with a sony pc330 and epoque external WA lens?) thx Dan
  7. Kasey, After looking up what the LMI Mako is you really can help. I have an Ikelite Dome housing for the PC 110. Not many controls but reasonably bullet proof. I cannot set the white balance or exposure u/w and must leave both in Auto. Do you adjust the white balance at all, especially when using color correcting filters like UR PRO CY. If so, how do you set it? Same question for exposure?! I have had some "interesting" results that require much post processing to salvage as you can imagine. Regards, Dan Y
  8. Does anyone use the SONY PC-110 Digitial Video (DV) camera? I have about 15 hours of u/w video shot through an Ikelite housing with great results. Ido have some questions for more experienced users about topics such as gain, dynamic range, filterers and lights. Regards, Dan Y
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