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  1. Thanks Peter, and yes, I agree. There are certainly some issues with the actual message. It is one of the major things I learned from this project. All together it was quite an intense learning experience. Thankfully, it only made me even more eager to do the next. But for now, I think I'll just resume editing the last material from the Philippines. ...I've got a "breathing" Pygmy Seahorse!!! Cheers, Liko
  2. Hi Tim, the solution was absurdly simple. On the top right it said I was signed in, when in fact the system had kicked me out some time before. Basically, I just logged out and back in. Problem solved. Therefore sorry for the mess but thanks for the warm welcome. I'm still very impressed by this forum and hope to gain some insights. Any advise on what to read first... apart of the obligatory "READ FIRST BEFORE POSTING" topics?! Thanks, Liko
  3. Hello everyone, I just found this forum and am pretty amazed about the quality of posts, pictures and videos. I for myself am quite an avid underwater photographer. But I also very much enjoy making videos. Because of this, I would very much appreciate your thoughts on my last project, an underwater music video. It was produced in cooperation with Sinsonic Records, so there are no issue with the copyright. All together, it took about half a year to finish it. So yeah, please let me know what you think and what I could improve. All the best, Liko
  4. Hello out there, I hope a forum admin reads this and can help me. For some reasons, which I don't understand, I can't start a new topic anywhere in the forums. Neither can I PM another member. Did I do something wrong during sign-up? Thanks for any help, Liko
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