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  1. just got on home computer, file was 20060516_jewelled damselfish located in my little cayman folder under 20060516 (the date). checking exif data, d200, 60 mm lens, iso 100, f 18 exif date reads 2006-05-19 all the rest of my exif data on my other photos for that day reads 2006-05-16 I would appear that this is not mine, do not know how it got there. I have asked wetpixel to remove it and would like to do same for underwaterphoto.com. I have deleted the photo from my files my appologies, I hope are enough. i have learned to double check exif data before I postanything..
  2. I just sent this to Eric. I was in Little cayman diving and shooting with my new D200, 5/11-17/2006. The POTW entry "spots" has been claimed to belong to another member jimbo1946. while I have the edited tiff file, confirming it was shot with a d200 and during the time I was in Little Cayman, sandwiched in the little Cayman file between other keepers from that same day (I do not retain my origional nef files ( not enough storage room), I only retain the keeper Tiffs and jpeg copies for emailing . I prefer not to get into a pissing match over the photo, please remove it. T he photo that jimbo1946 posted in underwaterphoto.com was in July and is a totally different picture. He posted a horizontal flip of "spots" today on underwaterphoto.com. I have not been able to find his version of spots on digitaldiver.net as he claimed. sorry for any inconvience this may cause.
  3. Not the best cloning job on the second shark. Probably disqualified as a doctored photo.
  4. I believe it is a lithium, need to check when i get home. Looks like the cr2032, flat disc. 7 hours use is a long time. each flash is a very short duration
  5. I used dual inon z240 strobes, battery lasted the entire trip, I called Reef photo and they told me the 1000 shot limit on the battery. wouild be nice if there was some way to test the battery for life left. otherwise safe move is fresh battery every trip. Underwater photo is not a cheap hobby
  6. Batteries supposably last 1000 shots, I shot about that the week I was in little cayman and didn't need to change the battery. will use a new battery next time I use the housing and carry a spare
  7. I have an Aquatica housing with ittl converter installed. The converter is directl over my hot shoe connecter. not located by the shutter release as in your picture. there is plenty of room. will try to snap a picture and post it later. Uwphototech or reef photo can install the unit in your housing. I shot all week long and the battery was fine. not sure when to change it. will ask ryan.
  8. food is very expensive. We stayed in Moorea for 3 days pre princess cruise. great diving all over. Tahiti is usefull only as a through port. Some incredable reefs and lots of animals. If you go in July/August there is a good chance of swimming with whales. Mantas are in during our summer as well. Agressor great choice., I would do that and the atols next time.
  9. I usually shoot my 12-24, plenty of light. I borrowed my friend's 10.5 and there was plenty of light.
  10. Diving is great in Little Cayman at the Little Cayman Beach resort or one of their condos. LC is a bit of a pain to get to. Minimal nightlife, not much to do other than dive so the rest of the family may not be happy. Brac is served by some jets out of the US as well as jumpers from GC. More to do on the island than LC.
  11. Available housings foir your camera, housing eronomics and weight under water iare also an issue. The aquatica housing is negative under water and could have better ergonomics. Unfortunately, one is often not able to wet test the housing before buying it. I am happy with my Aquatica, but wonder if I would have been happier with a subal, nexus or seacam.
  12. agree with above posts. to start, 60mm macro and 12-24 wide angle, add the 18-200 for above water general purpose. then add 105vr and fish eye. for log reach above water shots you would need a f2.8 tele with or without teleconverter. Housings vary on ergonomics and price. subal/seacam at the top of the heap the rest below, image quality about the same some weigh more than others, some are really negative weight in the water(aquatica) Inon flashes are great
  13. depends on what you want to shot: 1: fisheye 10.5mm 2. wide angle 12-24mm zoom 3. macro fish portraits 60mm macro 4. just macro 105mm VR some will also use the 17-35 or the 17-55 number of lenses depends on cash you want to invest, you will also need different ports for the lenses, dome for the wide angle and fisheye, flat for the macro. hope this helps PS I love my set up.
  14. I love my inon z 240s, lightweight, small, rapid refire rate, color temp has not been an issue for me.
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